Understanding Women Is Key to Sex!

The Key to Success with women from Dating, Relationships, Marriage and pickup and Seduction is "Understanding!" So, the greater your understanding of women, the greater your chances of making love, being loved and a lot more fun! If you are a single guy and want to make love to that new girl you just met, then this article is for you! If you are married and you want to save your marriage and learn how to massively turn on your wife and bring her closer to you mentally, emotionally and physically, then this article is for you too! Well, as I was talking with a client of mine yesterday, and what I was hearing was that he could meet women and was very good at starting conversations, getting numbers, going on dates and having a lot of fun with women. And was even really good at using the language patterns to turn women on, but... He just couldn't close the deal. Now this is what we call a sticking point! So, he said, "Well, I'm afraid of rejection!" "Every time I get a girl alone and in the zone for sex, they always pull away or hesitate..." And I said, "What does that mean to you?" (I'll explain what this means in a little bit!) And my client said, "It means they don't want sex!" "And they aren't like that!" etc.. etc.. And I said, "How do you know?" And then my client let it all out! He said, "Well, because I realize they are probably thinking, or saying in their head, that they are not like this!" And I said, "Well, how well does that thought work for you?" And they said, "What do you mean?" I said, "Well, first, how could you possibly know that's what they are thinking?" And my client said, "Well, that's what I think they are thinking!" And again I said, "How well is that thought working for you?" And my client said, "it's not!" So I said, "Would you be willing to explore the possibilities of what's really going on?" And my clients said, "Yeah, of course!" And over an hour or so of conversation, I realized my client had all this nonsense and chatter going on in his head! But, I do realize that this person was really close to what was needed. See, my client was compassionate and didn't want the girl to feel bad, but was off thinking and creating the wrong thoughts and experience for himself and her... Now, the first thing you have to know, is it's all about the energy or atmosphere that you create first with your thoughts, secondly with your body language and tonality. So I said, "Well, you are creating thoughts of worry by asking these questions and thinking these thoughts." "So stop doing that!" "What you need to do is realize a few things!" "First of all, you need to start creating thoughts and feelings of what you want her to feel and connect with you in these intimate moments!" "Like warm, loving, sensual, pleasurable and comforting thoughts of romance, love and intimacy!" Now this is what you need to do. #1 Stop listening to your head...I am dead seriously, stop this nonsense, because it will get you no where! Instead, listen to your body. I'm serious... Have you ever heard of that TV commercial for Fruit Loops cereal? Where the Bird is in a jungle and it's nose is all full of different brightly vibrant colors? Where it says, "Follow your nose, it always knows!" Well, I am telling you the same thing but in a slightly different light, "Follow your cock, it always knows!" So start listening to your sexual feelings, urges and follow them, because they will lead you to the Motherland! And that's a great place to be, trust me! hehe... Now you might think that's funny, but it is more true than you realize. Your sexual drive and body know exactly what to do! So just follow it! And for crying out loud, stop listening to your damn mind... #2 Create an environment of trust where she can trust you will take care of things! This is the most important section in this article. This is what the article was really written for! She needs for you to reassure her and let her know that you are taking care of her and it's your responsibility! Because then she can relax and surrender to you sexually... Now this is a huge thing that men have a hard time understanding, because you are the male, the penetrater, not the female who has to literally open up her legs and let you inside of her and possibly get her pregnant. If you are a stranger or this is your first time, she absolutely must feel safe and trust you! It is absolutely your job to make her feel safe, emotionally bonded with you and comfortable to completely surrender, open up and make love with you! She takes on the worry of what if I get pregnant? Is he going to stick around and help me? Is he going to make me feel safe? So you have to let her know with your body language, the way you take charge, lead and talk that you've got it, that you have it all taken care of. That everything is fine. That together you and her can do this... and everything is going to be wonderful, this is going to be a wonderful experience with you... It's your job to create an emotionally safe and emotionally fulfilling experience for her! So talk smooth, relax, slow down, touch her gently and make her melt by your very touch and with the magic of your words! And from this point on, simply focus on the amazing pleasure the 2 of you are about to experience together! That's what you should be focusing on! Period! So stop being so serious and just loosen up, have some fun. Be playful and fun! Ok! * Tip, watch a funny movie. Or anything that gets you laughing. Laughter will get you sex easier than anything else, even more than Romantic movies or a Romantic Dinner or flowers! Get a massage or give her a massage. Just relax and let go... A little wine is ok too. #3 Create an open, accepting and non-judgmental environment for her! So she feels safe emotionally. She needs to know she is not going to be thought of as a slut or whore or anything like that the next day. Because women do enjoy sex and want sex and pleasure just as bad as men do. So if you want to have an amazingly sexual and erotic experience with her, then you must let her know that it's ok to let go and enjoy to the fullest and you won't think any different of her or judge her. You must create a completely non-judgmental environment for her. Just accept her for the beautiful girl that she is and she is sharing herself with you. #4 You must also create a completely free environment where she can feel free to come back to you, be with you and connect sexually with you, because she wants to, not because you put some kind of guilt trip on her or worse, because you are trying to control her or change her in any way! This must be an experience where the 2 of you can freely come together and enjoy each others pleasure. Again, learning how to completely let go of the outcome and her is your secret key to the power of Love and Pleasure! #5 When a woman hesitates, she is actually saying, "I surrender, take me." I bet you didn't know that one huh? And she's also saying, "but I can't be a whore and let you have it." "I have to act like I am innocent and pure and i am not having sex because I want sex, but because you took it from me or you led me here!" So when she gently hesitates and gets quiet, that is a definite signal saying, "You have the green light, go for it!" "Take it!" "Oh GAWD Man Take it already, just go for it!" hahaha... At this point, with most women all you will have to do is simply keep moving forward and just start kissing her, touching her and begin to take her clothes off. If she says, "No, or not yet, she doesn't necessarily mean that, she's really saying, "I need to more time to get more and more turned on to the point of "NO RETURN!". So back off a little bit and maybe just hold her for a second and assure her by saying, "It's Ok, I've got you!" And say that while you are holding her firmly and comfortably. And then start all over and keep moving forward. You may have to do this more than a few times. But whatever you do, don't completely stop. Imagine it's like a sport where you need to take a breather and catch your breath! Now in contrast, if she is yelling in an angry tone, "NO!" "Stop, and is pushing you away very hard, and saying, "I do not want this, etc.", then that is a definite no sign. But if she is doing it playfully and having fun saying no, then it's on! The main point or core understanding, is you have to know that women want you to be the responsible one and that they can't socially/publicly say, "I want sex!" because in our society and most societies, that would mean that she's a whore and will be disrespected! This is really her way of making you show that you are the man and it's you who is leading her to sex, not her! So she may back off a few times, so that's ok. Just keep plowing! Yes, at this point, you have to use this technique I call "PLOWING!" But you will have to do it with finesse. Now, that being said, every girl is different. So you will have to simply pay attention to her. What does she need right now? What does she want to lead her forward into having sex. Basically, just look at her, is she smiling, grinning, does she have that devilish grin? Does she have that "Omg", I am so freaking horny look? What does she look like, breath like, move like? Is she holding you, turned away, what? Start to notice her and where she is at in the moment! That is probably the biggest most important thing I can tell you! Another technique you can do is simply get up, out of bed, and go watch some TV or make some ice cream or pop corn or throw in a movie and invite her, from the other room or at the end of the bed, "Nonchalantly" without looking at her, over your shoulder or from the other room, to join you are ask her if she wants some ice cream. And do it in a nonchalant, buddy, nonsexual kind of way! Now that will really throw her for a loop. hehe... Trust me, she is not used to guys like this! Another thing you can do is pull out a board game and play. Now a video game might really piss her off, so I would avoid that, unless you absolutely know she loves to play video games. Too many guys get addicted to their video games and it really pissed women off, so I really wouldn't do this. Besides, a board game invites her to interact with you! I once dated this cute Asian girl and we ended up at my place, and we ended up in the bedroom. We were on the couch cuddling, kissing and she kept saying in a playful girly voice, "no", "no", "no", but kept kissing me and holding me and pulling me back every time I leaned away and started watching T.V.. (This is a playing hard to get technique. Women love it when you play that cat and mouse game. So be a challenge to the very end! hehe...) CAVEMAN TECHNIQUE: So when she pulled me to her, I stood up and she grabbed my shirt and tried to pull me back down, so I did my Trademark move that is literally named after my business's name, Caveman Technologies! hehe... I pulled a Caveman on her! hahaha... I literally grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder and smacked her on the ass and then Roared like a Caveman! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... And then I carried her to my bed with her laughing the entire way. Now, you must know that this technique actually turns women on massively in a big, big way! I am serious. It is hard-wired into her DNA from almost 100,000 years of Cavemen doing this to cave girls. If you want to learn this technique on how to Roar like a Caveman, I will teach you... hahahaha.. So, when we got into bed and I started acting like a Caveman Roaring and while taking off her clothes, she was laughing and at the same time was saying "no", "no", "no", but was also laughing and giggling and she never tried to get out of bed and was being playful the entire time. In fact, when I stopped and pulled back, she would grab me and start kissing me and never made any attempt of pulling her shirt back on or her pants, etc. This was her way of saying, "Yes, take it!" So guess what I did? I took it! hahaha... So, I just kept going acting like a Caveman and we had the best time ever! It really was an amazingly intensely sexual experience for us both! So learning how to read women's indirect signals is vital... Oh, I almost forgot! #6 Women Love to Role Play! Yes! Women love to role-play different roles. Personally, I like to be the Caveman because it really resonates with my personality! And women love to be taken by a Caveman! Other roles are Doctor role, etc. Now the thing to understand, is that this role-playing gives her plausibility of deniability to her friends or anyone. Because it wasn't sex, it was role-playing. It wasn't her, it was a game, etc. So this will actually allow her to open up and experience the greatest sex of her life! The female brain is hard-wired to her imagination big time! So the more you can engage her imagination the more pleasurable and erotic her experiences will be with you! And if you are married, this technique will definitely light the fire in your relationship again. Have fun and enjoy life together! That's what we are here for! #7 You want to know what the goal is! This one is huge! You have to know what your target is, so you can aim at it! Actually, this is a very powerful secret in sports and in hypnosis. See, if you don't know where you are going, your unconscious mind can't take you there, because it's your unconscious mind that actually does all the work of your body language, tonality, and other unconscious processes. So, start imagining what you want! Like maybe you want to imagine making wild, passionate love with her! Imagine holding you, kissing you passionately. Imagine feeling the heat coming from her body. Imagine her completely melting into you and making love to you, holding you, clinging to you firmly with passion and lust in her eyes, arms and entire body, making her legs quiver! Now that' s a Goal and a clear target! IMAGINE HAVING WHAT YOU WANT AND YOU WILL!!! Please give us a call at 415 456 8558 And come take a training right here in San Francisco, San Rafael, Bay area! http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com
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