Understanding how to Attract and Keep her Attracted.

Ok I just read this article in the Dating and Relationship section on Linkedin a professional site. The title was, Understanding how to know if he's serious about you! Here's my response. [caption id="attachment_554" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="How he met the girl of his dreams!"]How to meet the girl of your Dreams![/caption] Now this one is a big, big, HUGE challenge between men and women!!! Here's the biggest thing. When a man is in Love with a girl/women, this article is absolutely right. He will show her, he will back it up with his actions. Trust me, you absolutely will know! And the article is also right towards the very end when it says he will start to say and use the word "WE." But there is 1 huge, glaring, MASSIVE Error or Truth Missing in this article! Women are turned off by men who express and show their Love to them, especially too soon or too much... Women lose all interest in a man they are dating or are even married to when he is showing her and giving her, her Love! I know, it sounds crazy, nuts even!!! But it's true! This is probably the saddest thing about relationships. A man can't openly, honestly and continually express his love to a woman daily from his heart and soul... You want to know why? Because hard wired into her brain, mating system which is in the lower region/lower brain, was built a system from the Caveman Era. See, the Caveman himself was a very selfish, me, me, me being. And, if she wanted to survive, she had to chase him!!! Because he was like I'm hungry, "Oh, Deer!!!" And Bamm... he was off... If she wanted to eat, she had to follow. "Chase" She had to chase him and work to keep him happy to keep him around. And if she doesn't have to do this, instinctively she will see you as a low level caveman and lose all interest and move on to someone who makes her work for it a lot! And yes, the Caveman was very, very much the Selfish Jerk that women are so attracted to. And, he took what he wanted! Period! And this is what women are deeply attracted to. It's hard wired into their system. I mean, admit it, how many times have you spoken to a female who says, "I would never, ever, ever date the Jerk." And then a few days or weeks later brings home the biggest Jerk in the world? Answer: All the time!!! Or she breaks up with Mr. Nice guy, Mr. Perfect only to fall in Love with the Jerk who tells her what to do and makes her work for his love? All the time! Well, here's the answer. You must be like the Caveman. Take what you want, be selfish and you must express your Love for her Indirectly. Her brain is hard wired to earn your Love, to Chase you! (She loves to play the cat and mouse game.) If she doesn't earn your Love and work for it, she will lose all interest. That's a fact. And women know this. Example: I went to a group relationship meeting for Top Relationship coaches in the San Francisco area. And the first thing the main speaker who was running this event said was, "Guys, let her work for it. Don't just give her your love or your sex. It's a lot more enticing if she has to work for it!" If you are a man and truly want to understand what's going on in the female brain, and how to get her to not only fall in love with you and have sex with you, but also to stay with you, then give me a call and we will straighten all of this craziness out!   Or, Buy my Book, "Crack the Female Code". http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com/books-and-resources/ Best wishes to all... http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com Dating and Relationship Expert! 415 4556 8558
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