UFC Reebok deal is wrong. #bringbackstitch Duran!!!

UFC Reebok deal is wrong. #bringbackstitch Duran!!! 

Hello everyone! This is Mike Kollin again!  My former Coach, Jacob "Stitch" Duran was cut from the UFC!!! And the reason they did it was just B.S.. I don't think I have ever blogged about my former Fighting days when  I was Ranked #1 in Kickboxing in the United States or that I was a champion Boxer as well as Wrestling and Martial arts since I was 4 years old. Here's the deal. I am asking everyone to go to there Twitter and Facebook and post one simple thing.

Post:  #UFC Reebok Deal is Bad. #BringBackStich Post that 1 or 2 times and it will make a difference for a Great, Great Man who has been there for 10's of thousands of Fighters and Families over more than 3 decades... If you have been following the UFC & Reebok deal you will know that all the fighters who had Sponsorship deals lost all that money! And now the Reebok deal only allows the Reebok Logo into the UFC!!! Some of these guys were making a ton of money on their sponsorships like $50,000 to $100,000 and more like GSP and many other top 10 fighters!!! Even the lower level fighters who's sponsorship deals were getting paid $15,000 per fight by their sponsors alone!!!

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And the UFC was paying some of these fighters on the lower levels $10,000 and some fighters get paid $5,000 or even less by the UFC... so their sponsorship money of $10,000 or more is a huge deal to these guys... Now in this deal they are getting paid by Reebok $2,500 to $5,000. That's shit! Even the top, top fights, and only the Championship fights are getting paid $15,000 by reebok... This is nothing compared to guys at the top that were making more than $100,000 per fight.

And now they are getting $15,000????? What makes it worse, is Jacob "Stitch" Duran my former coach and cut man was interviewed this week and they asked him how the Reebok deal effected the UFC's Cut men. And Jacob simply said, "They lost their sponsors. And are not allowed to wear their vests with their sponsors logo's into he ring anymore! Thus now they are getting $0. And Jacob also stated they asked the UFC's higher ups if they are going to be reimbursed by Reebok. And the UFC/Reebok answered "NO!"

And that is what he got fired for. He wasn't being mean or derogatory or anything. Jacob even stated he didn't think the UFC was doing this in Malice, just business... Which is a kind thing to say! My point! Mr. Duran did nothing wrong at all... yet got fired/released... All of these fighters and cut men are out 10's of thousands if not $100's of thousands of dollars and the UFC doesn't give a damn and just cuts anyone who even answers any questions about it...

I am asking that you help a dear friend, my former coach and his family out by simply posting onto twitter #bringstitchback  and mention Reebok UFC deal is bad! Thank you very, very much!! P.s. this has already caught on fire and the storm is growing bigger! So please join this fight for a Good Cause for a lot of hard working fighters and coaches and cut men!!! Thank you! P.s. this is also going to cost a lot of smaller MMA companies huge by losing the ability to advertise on the fighters banners and shorts, shirts, gear, etc. mma Clothing companies, BadBoy, Xyience, etc. etc.... Here is a twitter message Jacob just sent me today: Click on picture to enlarge!!  

Reebok UFC #Bringstitchback  

Yep, this is my former Coach and Current Friend / Mentor the Man, Jacob "Stitch" Duran! We still talk and stay in touch on Twitter & Facebook. 

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