"Today a Great, Great Friend is being Laid to Rest"

Life is short! I have had the absolute Most Unfortunate Fortune in Life! By the time I graduated from High school, 18 of my friends had died, mostly in car accidents! My girlfriends Brother whom she was really really close to died in a Car Accident when we were in 9th grade.... A girl I danced with the night before Graduation died with 3 other friends hours before our Graduation in a car accident... Then 18 months later my 4 best friends died... You might say, that's the reason I almost never even drink, at all... Today, another really good Friend from High school is being laid to rest in Peace! At a very, very early age, life simply Kicked My Ass really, really hard... it knocked me on my ass and I didn't get back up for over 15 years... I struggled, I fought, I pushed myself, but I simply couldn't even move forward 1 inch! I spent 2 decades going to therapy, energy healing, consciousness training, meditating daily for hours for over 12 years before even taking 1 day off of meditating. I spent years and years with Buddhist Monks and 2 in particular who helped me to heal and get better... I also found a few good energy healing teachers and 1 Amazing Healer who I have spent over 15 years learning from and healing with... it has been the absolutely toughest thing I have ever gone through and I have done a lot and experienced a lot of pain, loss and suffering! I fought in sports like Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Football etc. and Have broken bones, fingers, pulled muscles, torn muscles and a lot worse... Yet... The healing was the toughest thing I had ever done in my life and it has lasted for a long, long time... but! But all of this has finally turned my life around... My Pain!!! Literally is Now Your Gain!!! I get to wake up every day and help others shift and change their lives in a much, much shorter period of time! The lessons and teachings I have learned from Buddha Kham and other great, great teachers and the years of gathering this knowledge and skill set and ability to shift your life has massively been amplified in me due to the fact that I didn't just learn a series of techniques, I had to personally go through it all for decades due to my own hurt and loss! In all sincerity, I can now shift peoples entire lives and outlooks and experiences in a matter of sessions! And it's the most Empowering feeling to talk to someone over the phone or in person and watch their energy shift in a matter of an hour or so... from dark and heavy to light and heavenly... The moment I walked into Temple in Stockton California, Buddha Kham made everyone bow, except me. In fact, he wouldn't let me kneel or Bow. He made me stand tall while he prayed for about 10 minutes or longer... He then had me join him and my girlfriend at the time... and he told me that I was already a Healer! That I already had it in me to heal others emotions and feelings... At the time I didn't believe him... I mean, I wanted to, but what he said was a bit... overwhelming... He told my girlfriend in the Laotian Language, that I was a White Healer... He said I had it in me, that all I needed to do was open up to it! Well, 20 + years later, I made it... My courses are all on Waking up and Consciousness and healing... Now, how did that happen exactly? Well? hahaha... I don't know! I mean, I was out to be an NLP Trainer and a Motivational Speaker... It was never my intention to be a Consciousness trainer or coach... It simply just evolved into this.... It's funny, but no matter what a client comes to me for, whether it's a single guy who wants to meet girls or a man who wants to save his marriage or a wife who is lost and isn't feeling the love in the relationship or someone who wants to win a world championship, it's all the same basic core thing... Waking up from our own lies or blindness! Seeing what we don't already see... And letting go of the old lies and old ways of seeing the world and ourselves ands opening up to a much greater, happier way of living life and connecting with others! All the Answers you need are Within you! Life is something that you must absolutely Take Charge of and Live to the Fullest! See, we were put here to take on our challenges and face our fears so we can learn and grow and experience the Excitement of life! Please don't hide anymore!! I know it's hard, but please move forward, open your eyes... Like Dr. Chen, an Great Acupuncturist, in San Francisco says, "Little by Little." See, you don't have to open u all at once. In fact you won't... So just set small goals and begin to see all the Glory of this Beautiful, Precious and Glorious World that we live in Today, because Today is all you and I have, Right Now! Tomorrow may not come! Take small steps. Pray again. Prayer does work, it really does. Just have faith for no reason at all... and Believe. Prayer will bring into your life what you need to learn and heal, even if whatever it is doesn't seem like it can or will... hahaha... Meditate a little more... simply quiet the mind and allow the chatter to melt away and simply disappear... just let it go... Live right now and take steps, tiny steps if you must with the end goal in mind that One day, You will Fly and Soar with the Eagles! Because Trust me it's starting to Feel Amazing Up here. Life is Beautiful once you can see it from a Newer, Greater Perspective! Shift n Change that Perspective and see the world in a Beautiful light so you can Fly and Soar with the Eagles... I'll show you how... It's really fun... Remember, It's your challenges that show you our short fall and what you need to learn and where you need to grow!!! It's ok to fail! It's ok to get scared! It really is... it's ok to hurt and even to cry!!! If you need to cry, let it out!!! Most importantly, Love yourself and have Compassion for yourself!!! This is the most important healing thing you can do for yourself and the planet! If you can finally learn how to forgive yourself, love yourself and have true compassion for yourself, then you can walk out into the world and carry this Love and Compassion into the world so others can feel it and experience it too! It will help them to begin to open up and to heal... we are all on this journey together! So you have to fall back in Love with yourself and have good thoughts about you! It's really, really important that you do this for the spirit and soul within you! The Greatest, most rewarding thing in my life is to have the Ability that Buddha Kham had... To be able to shift peoples energy and emotions simply by being in his presence... What got me hooked on going to see Buddha Kham was every single time I would see him, I would always walk away glowing feeling nothing but Love for the world... About the 3rd or 4th time, my girlfriend and I left the temple one day and went and got a bite to eat at a restaurant and everyone was smiling at us! And, we kind of tripped out, but we couldn't stop smiling... And she said, "Have you noticed every time we go to see Buddha Kham that people smile at us everywhere we go?" And I said, "Yes..." And we just smiled uncontrollably... It was from that Day forward that I knew I had to Keep going back, Learn more, Heal more and learn how to Heal peoples hearts and emotions and help them to be in this state of bliss! Every Client I have, every person who I spend time opening up, even my coolest Niece, Elena, they all walk away with a slight glow, a sense of Pure Love energy... Shifting your energy and consciousness isn't that hard... in fact it's quite easy... The World will become a Better Place for you Now! R.I.P. Buddha Kham!! Thank you for this Gift! To Will and all of his friends and family... Bless you all... sorry for our Loss... I sincerely wish you all Blessings, Love and Peace in your heart and soul... Remember, Please come out from hiding and live your life and enjoy it however that may be... I see the World in Love!
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