To the Single Girls and the Single ladies! Give men a break!

Now here is the funny thing about women/girls... They are too afraid to approach a guy because they don't' want to be rejected, because they say they couldn't handle that... Yet, when a guy who likes you and is attracted to you, if you don't like the guy or if you are to intimidated by his confidence or made uncomfortable with him because he's shy or nervous, instead of taking it as a compliment when he approaches you, you rip him a new one and basically disrespect and or embarrass him in public... And then you turn around and say, "How come men don't approach me?" Hmmmm... I wonder??? hahaha... Seriously, just as much as you want men/guys to develop better ways to approach you and open a conversation with you that makes you comfortable, that also goes the other way. Guys would like it just as much if you begin to learn how to relax, stay calm and just go with the flow instead of getting so uptight and angry! hahaha.... Look, dating and meeting new people is a bit difficult and strange and can be very hard in the modern world... And what women really know is that just as much as women are concerned about their social standing in their groups publicly, so are men/guys. So give these guys a break and help them out a little. That doesn't mean you have to give him your number or go out with him, but you could learn better ways to say, "No", or "No Thank you", but it was nice that you came up to me and talked with me.. etc. etc. Now, on the other hand, a lot, ok, most men can come off as way to intrusive and in your face when they first meet you, not realizing how intimidating or pushy that can be.... And yes, I clearly, clearly realize that most men talk to fast and at times can completely dominate the conversation... But I will tell you this... most men are so intimidated by women, because since puberty, guys have really been trying to meet you and talk with you and yet, kiss you and have sex with you... But, because men can be very linear and invasive and way to pushy, most girls will get mad or angry or scared or flat out mean... And this has caused a lot of men to be completely afraid to approach you girls... In fact, the #2 reason men come to me, is because the majority of men are terrified of women, especially in public social context... And at the same time, this is where women feel most safe meeting a stranger, because hey, if he's a weirdo, you can walk away or yell for help, etc. I guess, overall what I am saying, is that many men are quiet damaged when it comes to approaching a girl even if this girl is giving him all the green lights to approach and talk to her. But deep, deep down inside and actually it's not that deep, you can see it! Most men are just flat terrified to approach women and start up conversations. Period... And that's why 10% of the guys get all the girls and date a lot of girls, because for one reason or another they are not intimidated by women or public situations at all... And yet, that nice guy who you say you have been looking for is right there and wishes he could meet you, but is too afraid... So: #1 Why not go up to him and start up a conversation... you will meet a ton more guys and have a lot better options if you do. And, you will be surprised how aggressive these guys can be once they get passed that initial stage of meeting you; not only socially, but also in the bedroom... Yeah, yeah, I know, most women assume that the way a man dances or the way a man is when she first meets him is the way he is in bed. And I will absolutely tell you, that is absolutely not true at all and is the falsest way you can judge a man sexually! Yes, guys, women belive that if you or shy or nice when you meet them, that you are boring in the sack! And also, women completely judge you sexually by the way you dance. Now here's the thing, this may or may not be true for women, but when it comes to men, you are completely wrong in many, many cases about how a man dances and how that may or may not compare to his sexual prowess... Men and women are completely different... the way a man shows his sexual prowess is how he kicks ass in sports like football or boxing or in street fighting... But not dancing! Come on ladies, get real... hahaha.. A girl expresses her sexuality on the dance floor... I mean, that's the feminine way to express your sexual vibe right? Ok, so men, if you have been reading this, know this, the main reason those few guys get all the women is for 1 reason and 1 reason only! "They approach and meet and talk to a lot of women/girls and just keep on talking to them and having fun with them!" So get your butt out there and start up conversations with anyone! I'm serious... Now here's the deal... I don't care if it's your sister or mother or the old lady next door. The more conversations you have with women, the more experience points you get... Now you might be thinking, but I don't want to have sex with my mother or sister or the old lady next door... Fine, I don't care! But, But, any time you interact with women, you unconsciously begin to learn how to interact with women and that is what this entire game is all about... *** I will give you this really big, big, big hint/tip about women... #1 Women absolutely must talk to you and get to know you over time before even thinking about having sex with you. So, when you are with women in non sexual experiences, such as with your mom or sister or old lady next door, that is absolutely perfect, because you need to develop this ability in order to learn how to interact with wome in a non sexual way... Because when women first meet you, because of the way women are wired, #1 is not sex at all... I am literally serious... She is hard wired neurologically to meet you first and talk and get to know you and have fun with you first! She literally can't help it! In fact anything other than that is odd, weird and flat out strange to her nervous system and mind and confuses her.... Women flat out can't comprehend why men want sex so fast... to her system, that is a weird, foreign and odd situation... So forget sex! Forget it, forget it, forget it... But, not for too long! Because you absolutely do not want to get into the friends zone, because that is almost impossible to get out of! Period... So when you first meet her, check her out. Find out if she's interesting and fun. Find out if she has her life together or if she's just going to be 1 big problem... Take your time... forget about sex at this point, because if you do, it will really open her up to the possiblity of sex with you eventually! I know, I know, it sounds backwards, but, there literally is a method to this madness when it comes to understanding, loving and making love to women! So for now, get out there and just spend time with women, girls, anyone who is female for now, and you will learn a lot! Good Luck! This is Mike Kollin The Love Doctor Your Dating and Relationship Expert / Coach San Rafael Ca., San Francisco
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