"This is the Answer to Romance, Love & Communication"

"This is the Answer to Romance, Love & Communication"

Her Heart is Dying inside

"And you don’t even Know it!"

How to Love her in a way you take away her "Emotional Emptiness inside."

Love, Communication & Understanding | Relationship Coaching


 The Most Emotionally and Physically Painful experience a woman can have inside - 

Being Emotionally Empty inside while being in a relationship. 

Now there’s an Answer and it will change your Lives!

There’s a way to Open her Up Emotionally and Fill her Heart so Deeply that it will leave her feeling Loved & Content for the Rest of her Life!

"Now that’s Love to a Woman." 

Unfortunately Buying her Flowers, Cars, Houses and Expensive Diamonds will Never fill her up inside emotionally. It’s nice… but that’s it. 

It’s not Love to her. 

This is why she eventually pulls away from you emotionally. 

No matter how hard you Love her she simply cannot feel your love. And no matter what you say or do she sincerely believes you “Don’t” Love her. And she wonders “Why Won’t He Love me?”


Yet inside and maybe even verbally you may have cried out, 

“I DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!” 

She doesn’t believe you because she can’t feel your Love.

She has to Feel it!!! 

“The way a man Loves a woman is not the way a woman Receives Love!”

- Mike Kollin


Imagine being in a Relationship for years and never feeling their Love.


The Emptiness & Loneliness is Unbearable. 

This why women are so upset with men.

What’s worse you Feel all her Love and can’t even fathom anything is wrong!


That’s why You have to learn how to Love her in the Female way!

Because it’s the only way she can Receive and thus Feel your Love!

This way she will “Know” you Love her!


You know that Feeling you get when you go to a Club alone or maybe even with a buddy. 

And all night long you simply can’t meet that special girl or any girl. 

And when you were getting dressed, shaving, putting on your cologne, all you could 

imagine was meeting the Cutest girl in the world to take home and go to bed with. 

To Feel her heart and warmth and to make Love to her. 


So all night Long you try to get up the courage to meet the special girl, but you never do.

I bet you have even prayed while at that club or bar or even asked God to just bring her to you. 

But you went home alone. What’s worse your buddies and the other guys were dancing with the girls

and went home with a sweet lady and you drove home alone… 

Feeling this Horrendous Pit of emptiness in your stomach and gut… 


That’s what she feels like every day, even when she’s in a relationship with you, even sleeping in the same bed for years and years… it’s an emptiness that is unbearable…

It’s like “YOU” are not even there.


She Literally can’t Feel your Love!

She Feels that Horrendous Pit of emptiness in her Stomach constantly!

Worst Feeling in the World.


“The way a man Loves a woman is not the way a woman Receives Love!”

- Mike Kollin


The way a man expresses his Love is the way men are wired to experience Love. Unfortunately no matter how hard you attempt to Love her in this way, She simply can’t Receive or Feel your Love!!!


In fact the harder you try to Love her the more she believes you don’t Love her! 

And she continually wonders, dying and crying inside, “WHY WON’T HE LOVE ME?????????”

Love, Communication & Understanding | Relationship Coaching 

No! The harder you try to Love her in the Male way the more she Truly believes with all her heart and soul that “You won’t Love Her!”


Buying her things, paying for things, giving her flowers is the Male Way of Love!


Working Harder, Making more and more money to buy her Nicer things is the Male Way of Love!


She says, “Oh, that’s Nice.” 

But that’s not Love to her. It’s nice. That’s it. 

She’s not looking for Nice! She’s not looking for Things!!!

She wants to “Feel” your Love!


She Needs “Emotional Fulfillment!”

And Things can’t fill this Empty Void inside!!! Period!


That’s why Women married to Rich Men eventually Divorce and leave them.


And he keeps buying her stuff thinking, “What’s her problem?”

And she keeps thinking, “What’s his problem? Why does he keep buying me things?

Why won’t he just Love me?”


This is “NOT” the way to Love a Woman!


She Desperately Needs your Love!

It’s the Whole Reason she is with you! 

All she wants is for you to Love Her!

And yet, inside she is “LITERALLY” Screaming

“Why won’t he Love Me????????”


The Answer


The Female way is the Hidden way.

The way to Love a woman was Hidden from the Male Brain.

And now we will Reveal The Answer to her Heart.


The Hidden way to Love a woman is through,


 "This is the Answer to Romance, Love & Communication"

In order for a woman to "Understand" you, she has to have an Emotional Experience of what you are saying!!

This is Right Brain Communication through the Hidden Way! 

This is Love to a Woman’s Heart!

If it feels like something was Hidden from you, 

it Was!

“Heal all the Emotional Wounds, Rediscover Her Heart & 

Feel the Closeness once again.”

Welcome to “The Hidden Way.”

See you at our Next Seminar





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