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Nothing Sadder When Man and a Woman Can't Love Each Other

I honestly can't think of anything Sadder than when 2 people are so deeply, head over heals in Love with each other tear each other apart. All the Yelling & Screaming and Confusion. 

My inspiration? Watching my mother and father crying and yelling when I was a very, very young child. And Going through the worst pain in my life when I was in Love on 2 separate occasions. 

Feeling a Deep, Dark, Hurt that Hurts for years and years after you Break up. Going through years of fighting to save your Relationship is one of the worst pains a man or woman can feel.

NO Matter How hard you try to Love them or care for them or convince them HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM, they simply can not Feel or Receive your Love! Nothing! And I mean nothing will Rip your Heart out more than Loving someone who doesn't believe or Feel your Love!!! 

The Hurt and Anger and Frustration will Destroy you for a Life time!!! 

I know!!! I've been there and Back again and again and again!!! 

And I hate to say it, But, Sometimes we have to feel the pain, the Worst Pain in our Lives to finally Admit, "I DID EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO LOVE HER BUT SHE NEVER LOVED ME BACK!!! AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!" The more I Loved her the more hurt / angry she got!!! 

If you have tried every so Called Love & Relationship Experts Courses or seminars and read all their books and still came up empty handed, and you have literally fell to your knees and cried out to God for Answers, then you have found your Prayers answered. 

From this day forward, you no longer need to Suffer needlessly or endlessly anymore! 

There is an Answer and it works! 

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Ok, Ladies, what is it that you truly, Truly Want more than anything?

Yes, even more than Money? 

Let me guess? Hmmmm.... hahaha... let's see... would it be? 

Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling communication?

Would it be a Deeper, more Meaningful level of Communication? And Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling connections? Before Sex?

Yes, Yes it would be! 

And guess what? I can teach him all of that!!! 

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Oh guys! If that language sounded foreign to you, that's ok, cuz you are a guy. 

We are literally speaking 2 completely different languages!!! 

And we are processing communication and body language in 2 completely different parts of our Brains! There is the right brain's processor which is very much like the Apple Computers processor. And there's the logical, linear, External Left Brains Processor which is literally like the IBM Type Linear, External Processor!!! 

Different Processors and Different Languages just like computers!!! 

And our Mating system's are connected to 2 completely different parts of our Brains!!! 

The male mating system is, yes, you guessed it, it is directly connected to the Optic Nerve, which is directly connected to his eyes! Thus he is Sexually Stimulated / Turned on visually!!! Because mother nature designed his mating system to look for a female who's body is healthy to grow the baby inside her womb. So the baby has a healthy environment. Hey, mother nature knows what she is doing. 

The female mating systems is, well guys simply do not know, they assume it's just like his, visual. That's why he gets his hair cut, gets his car washed, cleaned and polished and why he wears a new, shiny, flashy shirt and takes you to a fancy restaurant, because that's all visual. This does not stimulate your mating system necessarily and definitely does not give you Mental stimulation or Emotional Fulfillment. 

So!! Where is the Female's mating system connected to? 

Yes, ladies, you know, it's connected to your Right Brains "Emotional Communication" Processor. 

Now men, this has nothing to do with proper english or speaking well. This is not what she means by Communication. She's speaking of the very, very well hidden Right brains "Internal" Indirect Emotionally Fulfilling Language that Melts her heart and opens her up to connect with you sexually. 

So just dressing up nice, looking good and taking her to a nice fancy, smancy restaurant is not going to cut it at all. 

That's like taking her to a boxing match. The fans are there, the ring is there, the judges are there, the referee is there, even the doctor is there, but!!!

The fighters never show up! No, no I don't want you guys to fight!

In other words, the dinner or fancy restaurant is like the arena or place where the event is supposed to take place!!! She's all dressed up, in a romantic mood, you look dapper, dapper. but... well... well... God damn it What the hell???

Where's the mentally stimulating conversation? 

Where is the Romantic, Right Brain, Emotionally fulfilling conversation??

You know, where you say A. but you "Literally" Don't mean A. at all, you mean Not A. , you mean B. !! 

Right ladies!!! 

Wait? You mean you don't process communication or body language in Double Pictures? You don't use Deeper, more Descriptive languaging? 

Wait! What? Why? What in the hell is going on God??? 

God made a challenge!!! A Massive, powerful challenge between men and women! And he has to OPEN UP TO LEARN IT!!! 

But in the modern world, men don't need to open up to their 5 senses to smell a lion or Saber Tooth Tiger 1/2 a mile away down wind. 

He just needs to learn computer stuff, math, science, all left brain stuff to earn a lot of money and pay for nice, fancy dinners and shirts and nice cars and houses, thus he never learns the hidden language or how to be AWARE in a away that turns her on romantically and makes her feel safe!! 

Ladies, men have no idea what this means? When you tell them you are looking for someone who is a good / great communicator, do you know what he thinks you mean? He thinks you mean proper english as in speaking properly. As in Left Brain, the male Brain, Logical, linear communication which is External. 

Guys, She does not mean that at all. In fact it's the opposite of that as in Learning how to open up to your Right Female Brain and learn how to speak the "Internal" Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling language of a Powerful, Romantic Love and Passionate form of Romantic Female Seduction!

See, guys, the harder you try to Love a woman in the "Unconscious" Male way, the more she will feel "UN-Loved!" In fact it will hurt her even worse.

You Have to learn how to open up to your Right Brain in order to #1 Understand how to Understand her in the Right Brain's Female way of Understanding! 

If you think Logically Understanding a woman is Understanding, I absolutely can assure you that you are wrong. This is not even understanding another human being. 

Logically analyzing someone does not make them feel Loved or Understood. 

#2 You have to learn how to open up to your Right brain and learn how to speak the "Internal" Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling language that "LITERALLY" is Love to a woman.

The male form of Love and the male way of Expressing Love to a woman is the External, Left Brains way of Expressing Love. This is not Love to a woman at all. 

She waits and waits and waits and waits and waits until she can no longer take it anymore... She will wait for years for you to finally learn how to Love her in this "Hidden" female way which is Love, Emotionally Fulfilling Love! This is what she wants and needs! And it has to be done in the right way. 

Yes Ladies, I can Rebuild him! I can Teach him how to "OPEN UP!!!"

Save your Marriage, turn her On!!!

I can teach him how to Understand you from this perspective and actually understand your language. The Right Brains "INTERNAL" Language and Language of Love! Which is Mentally Stimulating Love to you within you! 

Men Can Open up and Men can Learn this Hidden, Coded language and body language of Love that is truly Love to you!

All the Frustration of fighting endlessly doing everything in your power and failing is now coming to an end.

Men and women can Now:

Love each other

Effectively in a deeper, more meaningful and complete way! Yes, COMPLETE!!! No More Maybe, I hope so, I'll work on it!!! 


I AM GOING TO TEACH HIM HOW TO RECONNECT WITH HIM "SELF!!!" so he can connect with who you truly are deep, deep within!  

 *** Yes, I am very aware of the Little girl Hidden, deep, deep within you the  Little lady who you truly are hidden behind the hidden veil if you will. I am also very aware how much you want him to truly find you and connect with you. 

Your Cinderella story is about to begin.

Because he is going to learn how to open up to his Right Brains More Descriptive language. He will learn how to communicate in a much more in depth way that you can Actually Understand and Experience! Yes, so you can actually feel and experience what he is saying to you, so you can have a deeper awareness of who he is and what he is feeling within. 

It's all about that Deeper, more Descriptive language simply to communicate what you are communicating. 

He's going to learn how to meet you where you are at, whether it's 


Emotionally or 


See, men and women are wired differently neurologically for:



And Romance, Passion, and Sex!!

And he is doing the best he can with what he has. But he can learn. 

Now men, No worries. This form of communicating and processing through the right brain gives you more:

Social Power!

Relationship Power! 

And Sex Power that she likes, desires and Understands and wants you to have in the first place. Yes, she's been pulling for you all along. She wants you to learn the Secret to Social Power and social skills so you can get the Advantage in life, love and Business over other men! 

Yes, this course and way of being will make you more POWERFUL!!! 

Opening up to the right brain gives you back your "INSTINCTUAL" Powers!!! It's like putting the Fuel into your Ferrari! Without it, you are just a boy without a car.


Mike Kollin

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