"There's a Hidden Form of Power Inside" Open Up - Awaken to Your Power

"There's a Hidden Form of Power Inside" Open Up

External Power is Limited - Internal Power is Ultimate Power

I originally wrote this in a Closed Facebook group for my clients only! But Realized it may make some sense to others out there who might be at a stage in their lives where you just might want to Step into your Power!

Your Right Brain is your Self Led Brain. This is how you take back your Power by opening up to your Right Brain. Otherwise you are going to be a follower forever! You do this by putting your Awareness within you! "Within" Inside you! 

She says, "Something has Changed 'WITHIN ME'. Something is Not the Same. I am through playing by the rules of someone else game. To late for 2nd guessing. To late to go back to sleep! It's time to trust my instincts."
And there it is guys! My Entire Course Captures in 1 Paragraph by a little 12 year old girl.

A. Changed
B. Within 
C. Not Same
D. I Am
E. Through playing by someone else's Rules

* This is what my entire course is about. You have to play by someone else rules as long as you are in your Logical Male /Brain because that is the Rule Oriented / Follower / External Brain. You have no Choice when you are in this brain. You are just a worker bee or ant. This is the Male Brain.

If you want to stop playing by others rules, you have to "STEP INTO YOUR POWER!!!" You do that by Opening Up to your Right Brain by:
B. Looking "WITHIN"
F. 2nd Guessing. This is the process of the doubter Logical Brain. The Limited Brain. Wake up! Believe, have Faith. Open up to your "SELF" and Be Powerful.

G. To late to go Back to Sleep. "WAKE UP"
H. Trust my Instinct, Internal, Right Brain, 5 senses Processor!
Are you starting to see how These Magical Teachings are "LITERALLY" Everywhere!!!!!! They are in songs, music, movies, teachings, stories, the bible, Buddhism, they are EVERYWHERE!!!!
All you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!! OPEN YOUR HEART!!!


The Year 2017 is an Amazing you! It's the Year of the Sun or Light

It's time to Wake up to who you Truly are within and take hold of your Power and Life! I'll show you how! 

Your Power is Inside you. They tricked you into believing that you were not Powerful and thus you looked outside for a technique or a drug or whatever. I tell you the absolute truth, your power and who you truly are is "Within" You!!!!!

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So now you know "There's a Hidden Form of Power Inside" Open Up.

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