Men aren't Giving us Butterflies anymore | Dating Tips

Men aren't Giving us Butterflies Anymore | Dating Tips

There is a Real Answer to Romance & Love! It's only taught in my course!!!

Part of the reason is that men have lost the art of communication and awareness and are not as tuned in as they use to be, is because of computers.

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Emotional Fulfillment is now Possible in Relationships between men and women!

The modern world is all about computers and digital technology, thus putting him and allowing him to solely rely on his left brain / logic. Thus men are a lot more logical now thus have lost the Greater Awareness and sensing of the Right brain.

Men being in this part of your mind / space is what allows her to relax, feel comforted and melt within your presence emotionally. This is what draws a woman to you romantically and allows her to connect with you physically... this is the doorway to a woman's heart, Love!

Years ago, especially over 50 to 100, to Thousands of years ago, men had to rely on their Right brains 5 senses, hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and sensing their environment to stay alive and to hunt.,.. men had to be aware of their Animals and be in tune enough to know when it was sick or hurt , etc.. and this allowed men to have a greater right brain awareness and connection with women emotionally... and it made her feel safe and comfortable... so she would and could swoon over you....

Because this is how women receive Mental Stimulating and Emotional Fulfillment the #1 thing women desire in Relationships!!! Meaningful Communication and Love!

l am going to be blunt, to the point for men here!

Men need to Tap into their Caveman side once again!!

Men need to re learn how to be men!! 

What I mean by that is Men need to learn how to Open Back up to their Right Brain's 5 senses once again so he can tune into you emotionally and understand you like the Wild Caveman he once use to be in the far, far, distant past...

Men use to be able to read women in a moments notice! Men could within seconds sense where his wife or lady is at emotionally merely by being in her presence! This is a right brain function. Talking to men about this is a weird, odd thing. He doesn't relate and things it's weird. Yet he will climb Mount Everest, Face the harsh weather, battle in the corporate world to make $Millions of dollars to express his Love only finding that he has failed because that is not Love to a woman at all. That does not melt a woman's heart or make her feel Loved by you at all... That is the Male way of expressing Love. Sadly this is not the way a woman receives love at all... yet you battle daily to express your love in the way she can not receive your Love!

Sadly and Unfortunately he has completely lost connection with his right brain... 

This is what I specialize in!!! I specialize in and have Mastered the Art of Showing him how to find himself how to find the Path which is Rarely traveled by men back to who he once was.... Because this is the way you connect with a woman emotionally, not through things!

So you can Open up emotionally and discover who he truly is within emotionally... The real man deep, deep within... Trust me, he is still there... we just have to learn how to open him up once again so he can Step into his Power!!! 

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