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The World is Changing Fast | Energy Healing is Emotional Healing

Energy Healing | Pele the Fire Goddess of Hawaii the Big Island

 Welcome to the World of Energy Healing | Pele Fire Goddess of Hawaii

 This is going to be a healing Journey that will lead you back to who you truly are by healing your energy and emotions within your energy so you can get Clearer on who you are by connecting with you!

I call this "Stepping Back into your Power!" 

The Speed at Which the World is Changing is Testing our Emotions

At times even the Best of us Need Help Dealing with and Healing our Emotions and learning how to Be more Emotionally Grounded, Down to Earth and Relaxed!

Life is Challenging!

What the World is Waking up to is the Fact that we are Emotions and Energy combined inside our Vessel spinning around the sun, going out into the Ocean of Space!

Meaning we are waking up to the Fact that our Energy is what holds our emotions in a Pattern.

And when our Energy Crystalizes into a more solid Mass such as a Icicle or Crystal Rock form, it then takes on its own, painful, energy or emotions if you will. And it then sticks with us for a life time if we don't find an Energy Healer who is trained in helping you melt that Crystallization of our energy to then bring us back into the Flow of Life!

Here's the actual Definition and image I just found on Wikipedia:

Icicle Crystallization | Energy Crystallization | Energy Healing

An icicle is a spike of ice formed when water dripping or falling from an object freezes.

Well this is very much like when your actual energy crystallizes. It locks everything up into a painful energy pattern that continually repeats itself over and over until it finally breaks or is healed.

In the case of actual Ice the energy would melt and thus go back into the flow of the natural world and live in it's natural flowing form the way water was meant to be!

This is very much if not exactly like your actual energy inside and around your entire body. The energy is like water or air and it was always meant to flow from one space to another experiencing and learning and flowing from one destination to another...

"Be like Water my Friend" 

- Bruce Lee

Everyone was meant to Live in the Flow of Life! 

This is my Life's work to help you get back into the Flow of your Life with the Greater Good of Life itself! 

Energy Healing will Help you Get Back into the Flow of Life!

Mike Kollin has over 41 Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy (Past Life Regression therapy), HNLP, Energy Healing, Reiki, Huna and Pranic Healing and Consciousness work and more!

Please Take a look at our Energy Healing Testimonials.

Please, I encourage you to contact us so we can Help you Heal your Emotions and Energy so you can Regain who you Truly are as a Spirit and Soul so you can get back into the Flow of life!

It's the Reason you are here!

Mike Kollin


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