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The Secret to Power, Love and Success!

Self Autonomy and Self Actualization are found through Internal Work / Awareness... you must connect with who you truly are on the Inside! Everything else is a false, momentary, sugar high that will burn you out! True Power is WITHIN, inside you!!
Once you learn how to tap into this, then you can actualize your reality! It's inside you...

It's not in a woman or a car or a bank account... it' inside you... when you tap into this, you begin to create all of this around and outside of you... but it comes from inside you!

If you are connected inside you will be connected outside! If you are Loving inside you will be loving outside! If you experience peace inside, you will experience peace outside! If you are wealthy inside you will experience wealth outside!
This is the way Life Works!

If you are looking for someone to Love you it won't work! If you are looking for someone to approve of you, it won't work! If you are looking for someone to make you happy, it won't work! If you are looking for someone to be kind to you, it won't work!!!!

It's not inside them!! It never was!!!
It's inside you!!!

If you Love you then Love will be around you!
It will Attract Love to you like a magnet!!

If you are kind to yourself then kindness will be around you!
If you are truly peaceful inside then peace will surround you!!!
Wealthy emotions and feelings create a wealthy life!
This is how it works and is the only way it works!!!

If you can't Love you, how do you expect someone else to Love you???

Work on Self Love!
Be Kind to Yourself!
Be Loving to Yourself!
Give to yourself! And others will give unto you!
As you do unto yourself so you do unto others!

If a woman see's that you are peaceful with yourself she will feel that energy as will an animal... It's Common Sense!

Self Love Attracts Healthier Love to you!

If you are kind, loving and compassionate to yourself a woman will notice this and will realize this is how you will treat her as well....

If you are angry with yourself, talking bad about yourself, Self Deprecating you will also do so unto others! And she will see this as well...
This is the way Life Works!

See, if you can't Love yourself how can you Love someone else?
If you can not make a Million dollars, how can you give a million dollars to someone else?
You can't!

If you don't have a $Million dollars, how can you give a $Million dollars to someone else?
Answer: You Can't!

If you can't / Don't Love yourself, how can you Love someone else?
Answer: You can't!

So you have to work on and develop Self Love and these other abilities and skills so you can be kind unto others as well as yourself!

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