Why Men Love Women - Make us Feel

"The Reason why we Love Women is The Way you Make us Feel"

Awaken to the sound of Silence

I have worked with men from all walks of Life for over 25 years now who so desperately want to get to know and understand women.

Over the years it's become so Consciously clear as to why men love women. It's simply because of the way women make men Feel. 


Now let's take a quick look at what I actually wrote right there.

Now I believe a lot of women reading that have already seen both sides of what that meant or could have meant.

#1 The way women make men feel - could mean how they make men feel as in feel good, loved, whole, content, calm and more, which women do make men feel all of these things! 

#2 But what I actually mean is, "How Women Literally Make Men Feel."

Meaning, a lot of men a lot of the time are not inside their feelings at all. In fact if there is one thing I have really, really noticed that has become absolutely obvious to me at this point in time is that most men hide from their feelings. 

And the sole reason men Love to fall in Love with women is because it, rather she helps them to open up to and allow them to feel. Period.

Now most men are not necessarily conscious of this at all. I know for many, many years I wasn't. But over the years I have learned how to open up to feel without her so I can access this feeling of feeling at a moments notice. 

What I realized that I am doing is teaching men how to create emotions and feelings for her so she can feel!

To all you I say, this is one of the Greatest Journeys I have ever taken. And this is going to be one of the Greatest Journeys you will ever take as well. 

To that I say, "I Love you" & I am looking forward to seeing you at one of my up and coming seminars. 

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