Kobe Bryant and his Daughter Gianna Smiling Together

The Real Reason Why Kobe Bryant is Hero | Kobe Bryant Died

Kobe Bryant The Kind of Our Hearts with is Princess his Daughter


Why do we Love Kobe Bryant so much?

Because he is a Sweet Man with a Big Heart who actually Cared about others! 

He is a Loving Man who Loved his Family and friends with all his heart and all his soul!

Kobe simply is a kind man with a big heart...

Yet at the very same time he is such a Driven, Focused man with a Purpose! He knew exactly who he was and what he had to do to achieve the Goals he set!

We Love Kobe because he Made a difference in Millions and Millions of peoples lives!

Why is Kobe Bryant a Hero?

Because he Led the Children to the light! He led young men and women into a positive direction instead of darkness!

People still talk about how when they were in middle school how any time they would shoot something into the garbage or shoot a basketball into the net they would yell out "KOBE!"

This man has inspired Generations of young people who are now young adults to improve their lives and go in a positive direction!

That's why Kobe is a Hero!


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