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Seduction and Influence are Possible

Ok, now, how to use the simplest form of Hypnosis to influence people to your way of thinking without using force or trickery... Watch this. Now, when you are communicating to someone and want them to see things in a certain light or in the way that you want them to see it, all you have to do is use what I call Directional Languaging. And it's real simple.

In fact, you use it every single time you talk or even think. So the question is how well or bad are you using it? Here's what you do. #1 You think of what you want the person or people to think about and picture, feel and hear inside their head. Like Peace, Love, comfortable or buy this now or see yourself enjoying this thoroughly and understanding this teaching easily as it opens up! Because the way people operate is unconsciously. 97% of the time or more we are completely and or totally unconscious. Yes, that is an actual fact. That's another discussion though.

Even people who mediate and work on Consciousness are only conscious 15% of the time, maybe a little more depending on the person and how good they are at it. And they are merely conscious of what they are being conscious of in the moment. hahaha... And that is where this little hypnotic technique comes in. Watch how unconsciously conscious you have been using this your entire life and yet had no clue!

So, when I am talking to someone, I take them in the direction I want them to go or think/see/imagine in their head. And it's super easy. So if I am working with an Athlete and they are doing somethign wrong, odds are, it's because a coach was using this in the bad way and was telling them what not to do.... Ugh! So bad!

Look coaches, don't tell them what not to do, tell them what you want them to do, because the unconscious mind which runs our entire system, especially when in combat situations or fast paced sports, will do exactly whatever the image is you put into their mind.

Like in Wrestling, the worst thing you can tell a wrestler to do is "Don't lift your arm!!!" So what does the wrestler automatically do? He lifts his damn arm and his oponnent grabs it and pins him! So instead, you say, "Keep your arm tucked" or "Keep your arms down". Get it, it's that simple.

So when I am talking to a girl, I say things like safe, comfortable, warm, relaxed and fluid, etc. What a lot of guys will do is think about not scaring this new girl he is on a date with... I have even heard guys say, "You are not afraid of me are you?" or, "You are not uptight are you?" Or "You're not mad at me are you?"

See, in order for the girl to understand what he just said, she has to think and picture what he just said.

So words and images of Being Afraid of him or being Uptight or mad go through her mind. And thus she gets freaked out!

See, do this.

No matter what I say, absolutely do not think of a "Pink Elephant!" hahaha... So what do you have to think of in order to simply understand that sentence? Yep, a pink elephant.

How to Use Negations for Seduction and Success

#2 NEGATIONS - Now a Negations is exactly like the Pink Elephant story! No matter what I say, don't think of a Pink elephant. See, in order for your unconscious mind to understand the sentence, it has to think of a pink elephant. In fact, the unconscious mind can not process a negative. So no matter what you say, the unconscious mind is forced to think of it and picture it, thus will do it unconsciously!

For example: "Don't lift up your arm!" The kid lifts up his arm. "Don't slow down." The athlete slows down! Heres another good one. "Don't' feel bad!" hahaha... what are they immediately going to feel and imagine? Yep, feeling bad!

So when you say to a girl, "Do not feel comfortable with me now!" hehe... she has to imagine feeling comfortable with you now! Or, here's a good one.... Hey, hey, hey, this is not a sexual affair here! I don't' want you to see me and imagine me in a naturally sexual way that makes you feel totally and completely comfortable with me now! hahaha... Get it, see it?

I am using negations and saying or telling them what not to do, so they will do it and feel it and imagine it. Look, I don't want you to totally and completely grasp this and understand all of this right now as 1 simple little technique I am going over now. Because that would be way to easy to learn and understand and see how this works fully and completely! No, don't do that! How many times have you told someone what you don't want them to do and they went right ahead and did the exact thing you told them not to do?

This works great for teachers who are teaching kids effective communication skills. And it works to turn women on or help them to feel calm, relaxed comfort with you, so they can calm down and melt into your arms and connect with you now! See, the only difference between you and myself, is that I will purposely use a negation in a way that takes you in the direction that I want you to go in. And fortunately for you, that is a very good direction to go in to help you get everything and more of what you want like happiness, love, wealth, success and all the joy you can handle!

So don't think that this very, very simple, easy and very powerfully effective tool will lead you into everything that you want inside! hehe... yes, I just did it... see how easy that was... all I did is put 1 single word in front of an entire sentence of everything I wanted you to do, think, picture, think, hear and even smell and taste if I wanted to... hahaha..

The negation word is "don't" and all the directionalizing words are very simple, easy, powerful, effective, lead you into everything you wanted, Another way of saying this, is "Say it the way you want it, so they will picture in the way that you want them to see things!"

See, before I mentioned it, you were probably not imagining the smell of freshly toasted perfect cinnamon toast or even noticing how hungry your belly is and I bet you were not thinking of the back of your left elbow before I mentioned it. My point, is this tool is extremely simple, but very, very powerful. So next time you are in a situation and you want results in your direction, "Say it the way you want it!"

Look honey, I am not saying that this is an easy and comfortable conversations at all... You might or you might not be able to comfortably come to an agreement with yourself and realize how all of a sudden a new world of possibilities just opened up to you, so you can gain all the clarity, power and understanding you need to take these conversations in the direction that you really want them to go because that would be way to easy! And you know what that means? If people would simply listen to understand each other all of a sudden they would see the light on how to communicate in a way that the other person easily and effortlessly enjoys and likes what they are saying....

So instead of telling that kid to not eat the cake, tell him how amazingly delicious this smoothy is and how it will make him feel powerful inside so he can lift 1000 pounds.

So instead of telling that 5 year old kindergartner not to touch the chalk board, tell him or her to focus on the space between their toes and how funny it is that their feet perfectly go together when walking without ever thinking about it. And trust me, that's all they will notice or think about. The chalk board and not touching the chalk board will not even come to mind. Now that's unconscious!

Say either A. Say it the way you want it. Or B. Say what you don't want if you want them to do what you don't want! Ok, so I bet a few of you reading this now honestly are not completely clear on what you just learned unconsciously right? Ok, fine.

Now re read the main segment I put in part I. All you say is, "Hey, it's totally or completely ok if you don't agree with me or believe what I am saying? All I ask, is that you actually listen to what I am saying, and understand what I am saying. As long as you listen to understand what I am saying and you actually understand what I am saying, then I am totally ok if you don't agree with what I am saying or believe me. That's totally cool. As long as we are on the same page and you understand me, then that's all I ask! If you understand what I am saying, then it's totally cool if you still don't agree with me or believe what I am saying, ok?"


COMMANDED: A. Totally or completely ok. b. agree with me c. believe what I am saying d. All I ask softens it, e. actually listen to what I am saying f. understand what I am saying g. actually understand what I am saying h. totally ok i. agree with what I am saying j. believe me k. That's totally cool l. we are on the same page m. you understand me n. that's all I ask o. understand what I am saying p. it's totally cool q. agree with me r. believe what I am saying s. ok (I am actually telling you this, rather your unconscious, I'm not asking at all, but with the negations above in the actual sentences, it sounds like I am merely suggesting it or politely asking. But in fact, I am telling you, commanding you what to do, think, believe, hear and feel) Yeah, devious huh? hahahaha...

Ok, I am evil, a little bit, but I am really on your side... hahahaha... Now next time you listen to your other fearless Leaders, really listen to what they are saying. yes, they are all highly trained in Hypnosis and powerful influence technologies. The only way you / we can take back this country is by learning this technology so when someone uses it on us, we can fight back! Or we can use it to have a lot of fun and get more of what we want!

Hey, it's your choice! For the most powerful training in Communication, influence, Love and fun, I will teach you what the Masters Refuse to teach you!

If you think this is Powerful, I assure you, this is the simplest, easiest teaching out there. In my courses I will continually teach you what no one else will teach! I will pull the curtain back and show you what's really going on, behind the Wizard of Oz's curtain, and how to use it effectively! I hope you enjoyed this little show here! Now say it the way you want it!

The Book that Changed it All "Crack The Female Code!" is Seduction Power!!!


Mike Kollin

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