The Power of Congruency Leads to Happiness and Success! 🐹👻💕

The Power of Congruency | Ending Narcissist Abuse | Emotional Healing

The Power of Congruency Through Emotional Healing!

Learning how to Heal and Become One Within will help you to lead a much more Successful and Happier life! Come find out How!

One of the things I was lucky to learn was that all modalities are talking about the same thing in a different way using slightly different words / lingo! And because of that most people will vilify that therapy type or that healing modality etc. when in fact they are all saying the very same things in slightly different ways!

The reason I know this is because I was so completely Open Minded that I studied Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Different forms of Energy Healing, Christianity, Buddhism, Consciousness work and different forms of Conscious and Unconsciousness teachings!

I began to realize over the years how they were all talking about the same things and using different techniques on how to heal them!

Enjoy the video, I think you will learn a lot!


 Mike Kollin

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