Abhinav Student of Pickup Artist talks about Plato's Allegory of the Cave

The Most Romantic thing in Relationships is Understanding | Seduction Power

Plato's Allegory of the Cave

In the Video the Story Abhinav is talking about is Symbolic of what I have Done!

I Stumbled out of the Cave! And I saw the Light and Saw that it was Good. Now this may have taken me over a decade of studying Psychology, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Human Behavior while also Studying and doing Healing work with a Buddhist Monk, but the Fact of the matter is, I did stumble upon The Answer Men have been Looking for!

Ok, so what am I saying when it comes to dating, relationships and understanding women? I am in a very indirect and direct way saying, "Women will have sex with you if you truly understand her from your Right Brain. And this is the KEY!!!"

When you understand a woman from your Left Male Brain, "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HER!" Period...

The cool thing is, once you learn how to perceive the world and her from your Right Brain and thus being in your Larger Hemisphere, suddenly understanding women, loving women, communicating with women and leading women into the bedroom is Really, Really Easy!!! No more fighting! No more Arguments! No more confusion! No more feeling and being "UN-LOVED".

If you are single, meeting women will be a breeze! Easy! Now! Here's the cool thing... You will suddenly gain more social power in public. You will feel a ton more comfortable and relaxed in public. The reason being is because you are not using what's called Push Energy. Which is "PUSHY!!! Aggressive!!!" And it pisses people off. Thus you feel uncomfortable around people when you are in the male brain.

When you learn how to open up, suddenly you become more social, more comfortably social in a way that people of both sexes feel comfortable talking to you. And thus you begin to feel more comfortable around people...

And you gain more Social Power, Emotional Power and Seduction Power! 

Thus Happy Wife, Happy Life and she will be More Willing to Make you Happy!

This is a Win Win for Everyone!



Mike Kollin

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