Lion's Gate Portal is Open | Powerful Manifesting Energy | Yellow Back Ground with Image of Mike Kollin in black Dress Jacket and white dress shirt. Lions image to the right roaring!

The Lion's Gate Portal is Open | Powerful Manifesting Energy 🔥🔥

Right now is the Most Powerful time of Year to Manifest!

The Sun is in Leo  and Earth is in alignment with Star Systems Sirius and Orion Constellation. And Right now is the Best time to Visualize your Goals, Dreams, Happiness and Success for the next Week or so! 

There is only 1 time a year this Powerful Manifestation Energy comes to us! And it's right now! Tonight and this week. Technically it has been here since June 26th. There was a Powerful alignment of the planets Recently and this opened the Gateway.

Tonight and Tomorrow it is the Absolute Most Powerful as it is fully in Alignment and the Gate is Wide Open!

Good Luck Everyone! 

Watch the video and Enjoy!


Mike Kollin

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