Power Comes from The Heart

Open up to your Heart & You Open up to Your Power

Open up to your Heart & You Open up to Your Power

The Key to Success in Life, Relationships, Business & Sports!

Everyone Meet Grace VanderWall. 

An Amazing, Amazing, Amazing young Lady who Sings and writes and interacts from her Heart of Hearts! 

She is simply genuine and real, coming from her Heart and who she truly is, Her "SELF!" 

So you want to be Successful in Business, Life, Sports, Dating & or Relationships, Right? 

Well the Answer is "NOT" in your Logic at all... 

The Answer is "Within You!"



Why did Grace to so well in this competition? 

The Answer is so simple yet most of you will overlook it and think I don't "Literally" mean what I and saying. 

The answer is She is Wide Open! Wide Open Emotionally!!! 

And that is the Doorway to your Heart and your Intelligence. 

Most people think that being closed or being logical is intelligent. No! Actually that is the Closed door. Thus you are closed off from the majority of your intelligence and happiness. 

See, I know you want to be Happy and Powerful / Rich! And you can. But you have to Open up to get there. Otherwise you will be living in your either or made up world and limit, oh hell keep yourself from what you truly want out of life! 

And that's why the #1 Core Teaching I go over and over and over in my course is Learning how to Open back up again! 

Because that is where your Power is, "Within!"

And you have to Open up to it! 

The Power to be Happy! The Power to be Successful! The Power to Find yourself and your Dreams is all Inside You! 

So what is MGK International About?

Power to be Happy, Motivated, Inspired and to go after what you want in life!

Enjoy the Video and enjoy Grace! 

Thank you!


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