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The Hidden Teachings Revealed for Love, Relationships & Life!

The Hidden Teachings Revealed.

A lot of people even clients often wonder what my courses are all about. And over time my clients begin to realize what my courses are really about! They are about the Awakening - meaning open up to your Larger Human Brain / Hemispheres. Especially to the right brain Consciously!

To many people, men and women are suffering needlessly watching their Lives, Love and Relationships pass by them! 

Is your Life Exciting! Is your Love life and relationships at a Level that you are truly happy and looking forward to interacting with those people who are in your life and also intimate with? 

If not, then you have some things to learn, discover and open up to!

There is a Massive Life Shift Happening on the planet for those who are willing to take the steps and improve their lives! 

New Learnings, new Teachings and Awesome Results in every area of your lives! 

You can Heal! You can Change! And you can learn tools and skills that actually work that shift your entire life. 

What I an attempting to say here is, "Is your Life as Absolutely Awesome as you want and deserve for it to be? If not, then let's get to work And make it Happen! Because there is no other way it will happen!"

The Good News is, we have the know how, we have the ability and skillset to massively shift your life! No! Not in 1 session, but in a series of life changing sessions that will begin to almost immediately have an impact on your life in very, very positive and life changing ways! 

Stop! There are Brand New Answers that can help you in every area of Life but you have to go after them and learn and heal and discover! 

The thing is, the Teachings are not hidden. It is you who have hidden from your inner truth, the truth's of the Universe if you will...

This song is my entire Course! Especially the part about "Internal Awareness / Opening up!"

Haven't heard this song in years... the teachings are out there... it's up to you to "WAKE UP!!! Open your Eyes! Open your Ears, hear the teachings that are all around you!"

you know how I teach you how to open up to your right brain through your Corpus Callosum? This song is talking about this. "Cross this New Divide" "The Distance in your Eyes" is opening up to Peripheral which opens you up to your Right Brain! Cross this New Divide!

Every phrase and sentence in this song is about therapy with parts ands integration and opening up... Internally, "Look Within" and be The Light!

Blessings to all of you!

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