Image of Children Singing Michael Jacksons | Heal the World | Image with asian girl with headphones singing into microphone, another child on guitar and 2 more children singing with headphones on! Heal the World

Awaken to the Hidden Teachings! They are Everywhere!

The Hidden Teachings are Not Hidden! They are Everywhere!

The Hidden Teachings are Not Hidden! They are Everywhere! They are right in Front of your Eyes! Come Learn how to Open up to See them! It is a Life Changing Experience!
The same teachings I teach in my courses are right here in this song throughout the song!

There literally Physically is a "SPACE" they call a Place in your Heart where the Light will begin to shine once you open up to and Physically "ENTER" this space!
They talk about Creating a "Little Space" to heal the World...

The way you heal someone "Energetically" with energy healing is literally by creating an Open space!

You hear this phrase of "Holding the Space for someone!" Most do not understand this correctly... it does not mean to "HOLD". Holding closes the door and the healing energy can not flow through...

The actually meaning is to "Completely Let go and Allow and Open Awareness to expand the space by letting go..." 

How do you hold the Space for someone to heal?

So, you have an open, expanded, spacious Awareness! That's how you do it!

There is so much in this song about healing...

All you need to do is learn how to "Let go" and open up your heart of Awareness... 🐹

Emotional Healing Specialist | Mike Kollin

I can teach you how to do this for yourself or someone else.
It's a very relaxing and healing experience.

I can also help you to Heal Emotionally and Energetically!
I am a Certified and Trained Energy Healer with a Gift from the Spirit 
I call God!
Just click: Mike Kollin
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