The Female Brain "How to turn women on Sexually!"

Hello there Communication and Love addicts. How are you all doing today! Well, I finally picked back up the book The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. that I bought about 5 years ago. I read about 1/2 the book and then got caught up in my business, life and reading other books. hahaha... Now, first of all, I wanted to first of all let you know, that if you truly wanted to understand the female brain, women and even your teenage daughter, especially when she goes through puberty, to better help you come from a place of Love and Understanding instead of anger, confusion and frustration, then I recommend that you at least read the first 100 pages. When my God daughter was in high school, she suddenly went through this massive shift! And luckily I had just started reading this book and it highly, highly helped me to at the very least come from a place of understanding a bit better. Now, on today's subject, I want to talk about how work effects the female brain. Now, on page 82 in the section, It doesn't' take too much to spoil the mood, it talks about how easy it is for a women to suddenly not be in the mood. Now on page 82 it talks about how a woman getting a new job can be detrimental to her sex life because this can cause stress which does not allow her Amygdala to shut down. Now, it's very, very important for a woman to be able to relax with you, let go and open up to her emotions and open up to her emotions and feelings in order to connect with you sexually and especially to actually have an orgasm with you. [caption id="attachment_554" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="How he met the girl of his dreams!"]How to meet the girl of your Dreams![/caption] In my book, I go in depth on how to help lead her in this direction of opening up emotionally, into her right brain, so she can connect with you sexually. I teach some very powerful techniques to help you relax so you can guide her in the direction of opening up for sex with you. Here is a link to my book, "Crack The Female Code"  but please, read on, here. Oh, and if you buy this book any time before or by Christmas 2012, I will give you 1 hour free hour session by phone or in person. And my Christmas gift to you, is, I will also give you 50% off on your first live in person 2 1/2 hour session with me. That is a huge $375 value all for buying a book! Back to the book. Now on the same page, last paragraph, 82 of her book, Louann Brizendine states this. A woman needs to be put in the mood. Before sex, there has to be a soothing of the relationship, and she has to be able to stop being annoyed with him. Anger is one of the most common reasons for sexual problems. Many sex therapist say that, for women, foreplay is everything that happens in the twenty-four hours preceding penile insertion. For men, it's everything that happens three minutes before. Since many parts of a woman's brain are active at once, she must get into the mood by first relaxing and reconnecting positively with her partner. This is why she needs a good twenty-four hours to get in the mood and why going on vacation is such an intense aphrodisiac. it allows her t unplug from daily life stress. Listen up Guys!!!! Here is the deal. There are a few very powerful things going on here that are absolutely fighting against you, but we have very powerful answers to your challenges here that will absolutely get her into the mood in a very, very powerful way! #1 She needs to be relaxed and shut down her Amygdala so she can open up to her right, emotional brain so she can enjoy having sex with you. Now the most powerful thing she says here, but doesn't give an answer to is, "She has to be able to stop being annoyed with him." Hahahaha... That's what men do, they irritate the crap out of women even when they are trying to make her happy. I even underlined it because everything about the male's brain, tone of voice, body language, his actual communication/Language, the male, logical, left brain language turns her off big time. Even his eyes that narrow vision, totally focused, linear view that men were born using unconsciously irritates the hell out of her, all of this does!!! Look, men, please listen closely. The way men do things, talk, move, look at her, literally puts her in her left, logical male brain. And this is Not what we want to do. We want to help her relax, let go and open up to her right brain because this is the emotional brain. Get it? So, in my course and in my book, I go much, much more in depth on how to do this. And she will absolutely love you for this. It helps lead her into her right emotional brain so she can open up to her feminine, sensual side. So buy the book or come sign up for sessions so you can be the master the art of helping her become more sensual with you when you want to make love to her., because... In the very next sentence, she goes on to say that "Anger is one of the most common reasons for sexual problems." And this causes women to fake orgasms, because if she can't relax, she can't open up to her emotional brain and thus can't orgasm with you. So come learn how to help open her heart up to connect with you emotionally, because.... #2 Sex Therapist say that foreplay is everything that happens 24 hours before sex. Well, personally, that sucks. Who wants to wait 24 hours and have to be in the perfect place emotionally and make sure that she is happy the entire time and feeling good with you, because otherwise, if the littlest thing happens within that 24 hours, she will automatically get turned off. hahaha... so you don't get any sex no matter how much money you spent on dinner and a romantic evening. And I know you have gone through this. #3 Then she goes on to say, "That's why vacations are such an aphrodisiac to women", because it helps them to deactivate many parts of her brain and thus relax and open up emotionally for you to have sex with her! Guys, seriously, do you want to have to wait 24 hours, walking on egg shells before having sex with a woman so she can relax enough to have sex with you? Or, do you want to have to wait for weeks or even months to pay for an expensive vacation so she can let go, relax and make love to you? No, you don't! My purpose in sharing this with you, is because there are very powerful, hidden techniques nad communication skills that will absolutely help her down and shut down those other parts of her brain so she can feel comfortable with you. And it has nothing to do with paying for dinner or gifts or flowers or music or taking her on a vacation or paying for anything ever again!!! Trust me, this new understanding will save you a ton of money, a ton of heartache and will finally teach you what she truly wants from you in the first place! Seducing women Romantically is easy once you know how! So give me a call and let's set up a series of sessions so you can lead your lady into a more romantic situation. And yes single guys, this can help you attract and guide single ladies into your arms as well. Buy Book here: Mike Kollin 415 456 8558 Happy Holidays everyone!
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