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The Biggest Mistake Married Men Make | A Romantic Seduction

I can't tell you how many times I have heard this over the last 20 years. I will meet a guy who asks me what I do for a living and I tell him, "I specialize in communication between men and women." And he will laugh and say, wow, I just got divorced for the 2nd time.

And then I will go into how learning how to communicate with women will massively change his life. I usually get a lost, confused, bored look from them. And they will then say, "No, No, I just need to find the right women who is compatible to me!" And I just sit there stunned exactly the same way all women do when men say that!!!

Here's why? Remember, the Female Mating system is directly connected to her Right Brains Communication Processor!

This is not Proper Logical, Left Brain Communication! 

This is the Opposite of that! It's a Hidden Language and is Processed in a  different way then the other side!


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Now what in the hell did I just say?

Look, the male mating system is directly connected to the optic nerve, which is directly connected to his eyes. And the male system is the "EXTERNAL" system. In other words, men are hard wired to be Externally Visually Stimulated Sexually.

What that means is, men express themselves through visual and external means.

And this turns women off sexually!!! 

As in Buying or paying for Love. As in buying and paying for things to pay for Love! And this simply is not the way women receive LOVE!!! She literally can't receive Love in the Male form of Expressing Love! And women are not sexually turned on by things, no matter how expensive they are!

The Female system is Powerfully turned on by a unique, hidden form of "Right Brain" communication.

Now a lot of men hear that word communication and do 1 of 2 things. A. The ego comes out and they say, "Oh, I am a great communicator and then go on to do perfect, logical, left brain Communication, which massively, powerfully turns a women off and actually irritates her! Or B. the word Communication bores men to tears and makes them want to run! But Wat!!!

This Hidden, Right Brain Communication is your POWER!!!

Mother Nature purposely hid this right brain, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language from the male brain. So that way, the men who learned how to speak in this hidden way suddenly get all the attention, love and sexual pleasure!

And it makes her really, really, really happy and satisfied!

Ok, I am going to jump right into it and let the cat out of the bag! This hidden form of communication is the equivalent to men watching XXX Rated Pornography!!

! Remember, the male mating system is Visual! The female mating system is repulsed by this Visual, external, linear form of erotic seduction!

So all you have to do is learn how to open up to your right brain and learn how to speak in this hidden Seductive Language, and she will be all yours!



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