The Big Lie! Dating & Relationship coaching Part I San Francisco

The Big Lie in Dating & Relationships between men and women! San Francisco

Hello and welcome to Crack the Female Code. A new Discovery in Male to Female Communication and how to Love a woman with your words alone and not your wallet! This is the Secret Mother Nature hid from the Male Brain! This is going to be a very short blog but I will put my new video's of the week in here! Now, although my real, live in person course is all about the Secret Mother Nature hid from the male brain that she wished you knew, I will give a few tips here! Now, remember, I don't believe in tips, because they leave you blind and in the dark. But when you take my complete course on understanding women, how to Love women and turn women on in the Romantic way, your eyes will be open and you shall see! For now, here are a few understandings in my video's to at least help give you a clue! As always men, good luck! And remember, come from your heart and all shall unfold before you! Part I.
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