Success takes a Team Effort! Win!

Surround yourself with Successful, Like Minded People & Succeed.

Life wants to see you Succeed.


The Biggest Mistake that young men and men in General make is they are not a part of a group or team of men or people pushing each other forward and inspiring each other!

When I was in high school I was a a huge state tournament and they had all the former state champions and state championship team pictures dating back for decades. And I began to notice one thing that really really stood out to me. I noticed that every State Champion had a teammate that was usually 1 weight class lighter or heavier. Now the astounding thing was How many of them were also either State champions themselves or took 2nd in State! And then I noticed how a few other teammates took 2nd or 3rd in state! It was mind blowing!!!

And my Wrestling coach told me you can go all the way across the Country and look at all the State Champions, they always, always not only had a Practice partner who was also a state champion, but at least 1 or more of their other teammates also won or placed in state and got a medal.

As I began to study business science and success in other sports, music, science, politics and beyond, this exact same thing continued to pop up!!!

You always, always, always find that those who succeed were a part of a group of friends or teammates or business associates or classmate who grew up together or went to college together or whatever who have achieved High Levels of Success!

I found a Real Life Business Entrepreneur at a cafe, who out of the goodness of his heart became my Business Mentor and has shared with me a few techniques and skills on how to be better in business. As he began to share with me his life and his journey, Once again I saw the same Pattern. 

All of his childhood friends, buddies he grew up, in San Francisco, with Became Extremely Successful. They all played together, hung out, talked about business, ideas, thoughts, dreams and they all went for it!

One of his friends is one of the Richest Men in China Right now! 

You simply can not deny the Patterns. When you see a pattern over and over and over and over, you can begin to realize it is a Universal Pattern that can work for anybody you truly want it! 

And that is why I am writing this blog right now! 

I was fortunate beyond belief in my life time. I have been a part of a National Championship Fighting Team, Champion Football Team and a part of Top Organizations. And if there is one truth that exist, it takes a group, a team to win Championships. Even on Fighting teams, it takes an entire team around you to make it to the top. 

Team effort Achieves More! Success in Dating, relationships, Life & Business!

You want more Power!

You want to Succeed in Life, in Business, in Relationships and you want to achieve your Wildest Dreams!

Well it's all possible. You have to Step up to the Plate and take a swing at life starting with, Joining a Group of people, creating a group of people who are all moving forward. 

And that is another key. Surround yourself with people who are really moving forward and not just talking about it. But taking real actions. 

You don't necessarily have to be on their team or in their business. But you do have to associate with others who are moving forward, getting things done and have real life goals. 

My Business mentor, his friends are all in different business, but they all grew up together and spent a lot of time talking about and taking action and helping each other, giving each other tips and opening doors for each other! That's how you succeed. 

If you think you succeed by doing it on your own, you will find out the hard way that is not the way to the top! Life has a funny way of kicking you in the ass when you are not on path. And Life also has a funny way of rewarding you greatly when you are! 

Did you ever stop & think that life was designed that way on purpose to teach you cooperation, understanding, helping and supporting one another. 

Dating Relationship Book with Couple Kissing on Cover

So there's 2 really Powerful Keys to Success. 

#1 Join a Group or be a part of or create a Group of like minded friends, people, athletes, etc.

#2 Make sure they are taking real actions have a history of achieving success, moving forward and getting the job done!

Best wishes & Good Luck.

Be Successful, Join The Team

This is MGK International & I'm Mike Kollin

So now you know how to Surround yourself with Successful, Like Minded People & Succeed.

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