How to Save your Marriage | Understanding Love

STUPID IN LOVE! How to Save your Marriage / Relationship!

No, you are not stupid... You are In Love!

How to Fall in Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching


You can Learn How to Save your Marriage by Understanding Love! 

Love is Heaven! Love Can be Hell... But now, it doesn't' have to be. There is an Answer!

Simply put, Love is Life!

Love is the hardest, most challenging thing in the world!!! There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing that will tear your heart to shreds yet at the same time push you, motivate you and inspire you to greater heights of Love and Effort and creativity than Falling in Love, being in Love! Love clearly has pushed mankind to greater heights of everything...

Isn't it funny or odd how the most Beautiful thing in the world can hurt you so deeply? I have seen it happen to so many people. In fact almost everyone who has ever lived has been hurt so deeply by this thing we call LOVE!!! Yet, we all deeply yearn for this very one thing. It's so deeply, deeply sad that 2 people can fall madly, head over heals in Love only to find that after a few years or more they become absolutely complete strangers to each other! (What's the Missing Key?)

How to Save your Marriage | Understanding Love


Have you been lost? Have you been so confused, so lost that no matter what you do it just simply doesn't work??? Did you do everything in your power only to find out that you came up short, leaving you feeling completely exhausted, lifeless and hopeless without an ounce of energy? Truly feeling and believing in every cell in your body, to your very core that you have absolutely lost at love and have nothing more to give?

When I was a child, My father and mother fought like cats and dogs and yet no matter what my father did, with all his heart and soul he loved my mother yet she never truly believed my father Loved her. A few years before my father died, out of no where, on a bright, beautiful sunny day in Mountain View California, walking with him down his driveway, he just suddenly burst into tears. And just shouted out, "If God is so great, why did God make it so hard to Love a woman?" "No matter what I did, your mother would get mad and upset and run off crying!" "I'd buy her dozens and dozens of Roses, fill the entire entry way and living room with gifts and flowers, I would make her Extravagant dinners with Hula dancers, Torches, music,  yet she still got upset and mad at me!" Hint - Guys this is not Love to a women!

If you rely on this male form of expressing your love, you are doomed to a very painful relationship that will end badly. Because women can not recieve Deep Love and Emotional Fulfillment through the Male from of expressing Love! This memory was seared into my memory, my vision. This 1 event changed my entire life and sent me on a 24 year journey to find the Answers. It wasn't even a conscious Journey. I read the bible. No, I studied the Bible Literally like my life depended on it. At the time I didn't even realize what I was looking for.


Hawaiian Volcano Erupting Orange Lava


12 years of doing a linguistic analysis and deep study of every word and what it meant 2,000 years ago when it was written in it's original language. I studied psychology in college for years, and went to every single course I could on Hypnosis, Communication and psychology, energy healing, every single thing I could get my hands on! Well it doesn't' have to be that way anymore!

I am here to tell you that there are real, powerful answers that actually work and open up your heart to each other once again! You don't have to blindly suffer anymore! There literally is an answer that will open your eyes and finally allow you two, to finally be able to reconnect on that deeper, more emotionally fulfilling and meaningful level. Fun, joy, happiness and pleasure can all be possible again. The Last Song! I am sorry to say, the Love and Relationship experts are just as blind as you are! They are not coming from the right place of Love and Understanding!

Because they don't know the Secret to Love, Attraction and how to Love a women in the Female way! Know right now, my course is not about teaching you a bunch of ridiculous rules based on someones value system or belief system... Why? Because that simply does not work, because we are all different and we all have a different set of values and rules and beliefs that we operate off of.

Besides, following rules will never fill a woman's heart with Love! Buying her things and paying for dinners, flowers, etc. is not Love to a women. Instead, my course is about teaching you how to see and experience the world from the other persons perspective from true, universal understandings. I personally know that if you can Understand women from their perspective and from their understanding, an entire new world of Deep, Deep Love and Understanding will open up to you and be right in front of your very eyes. You will open up to Heaven! Love and Understanding!

My entire course is all about Love and Understanding on all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically/sexually/energetically! This course is the first full and complete course that answers the challenges men and women have! This course will clearly and I mean clearly open your eyes to what's going on and how to fulfill the opposite sex with all the Love and Emotional fulfillment that need to feel close to you, to love you and be at one with you! This my friends is all about one thing and one thing only, LOVE!

Now that I have said that, I have to admit that Love is not easy, Love is complex! Love is painful! Love is the Greatest teacher to mankind. Love is the Ultimate healing, nurturing and fulfilling source on the planet and in the Universe. And I truly believe mankind's journey is to tap into and open up to this All Knowing, All Powerful Source! In fact, I believe that it is right there inside each and everyone of us, in every cell, in every molecule and every atom in our entire body, world and Universe. Why do I believe this? Because it is. This is not a belief of mine. This is an actual fact based on personal experience and knowing!

Over the years, it has been extremely challenging to advertise and market this business to men and women. Mostly because men and women think so differently and receive love so completely differently, that if I try to market it in the male way for men to relate and understand, it turns off women. But if I communicate this and advertise this in the female way, then men get bored, tired and drift off. And because many, many men think that Romance has nothing to do with Ecstasy and pleasure.

What most men don't realize is that Romance leads from a very polite, kind set of gestures, all the way into a very steamy, erotic and very, very passionately explosive level of deep connections on an emotional and physical level that women highly, highly desire. In fact, this from of XXX Romance is very much needed. But, the challenge is, that Mother nature wired us so completely differently that men literally don't understand or get it.

Why? Because mother nature hid this form of Romance and communication from the male brain.

The male mating system is wired through his optic nerve into his eyes, thus men are very visual when it comes to Sex and Expressing Love. Thus men think Romance is paying for dinner and buying flowers. Yes ladies, men actually believe that if he pays for that expensive steak or dead meat for dinner, that you will be romanced and turned on, ready for sex! Hint -Once again men, the male form of expressing Love and Romance is not the way women receive Love and Romance at all.

So no matter how much money you spend, it does not fill her heart with Love! But, Lucky for you, that is what my entire course is all about!

There is a form of Right brain Communication that is highly mentally stimulating and so emotionally fulfilling that she will literally melt in your arms and absolutely willingly and wantingly surrender to her Romantic Hero! (Remember, opening doors and following these social rules is not romance and definitely not a sexual turn on and neither is getting your hair cut or car waxed! hahaha...

The only reason I am laughing, is because Mother Nature played a huge, massive and cruel joke on Mankind. But it really wasn't a joke. It does have a higher purpose, which I will explain in my course! I will tell you this though. When men hear women say they want a man who knows how to communicate, it is not the male, left brains logical form of communication. In fact it's the complete and total opposite of that! Trust me, nothing will bore a woman more than logical communication on an expensive dinner date. That will only get you the traditional, "Oh, I have a headach I think I am just going to go home for the night." Or if you are lucky, a quick kiss on the cheek, you're such a nice guy!"

Guys!!! She does not want a nice guy! That was not a compliment at all. She was bored to tears. She wants a man, a Beast, A Take Charge Caveman that knows how to lead her from a nice, calm, romantic dinner into a heated, passionately fulfilling experience with only her tonight! But, that is easier said than done!


How to Save your Marriage by Understanding Love!


How to Get the Girl & Keep the Girl | Dating tips


There is a lot to learn, but each and every step is worth it. When you open up a women's heart and truly capture her attention, she will be all yours and you will experience a truly deeper, more meaningful connection that you have never experienced before you in your entire life time! Now that's Love!

The Biggest Mistake most men make is they think after getting divorced, it was because they were not compatible. So they believe all they have to do is find a women who is compatible with them. Well, that is only 1 part. There is a universal thing that all, and I mean all, women want and universally agree on because women are hard wired to receive love in this specific way! Yet men don't know of this! But now you can learn what this Mystery, this Hidden Secret is for more Dating and Relationship Power!

The better you get at this, the more you will:

* Easily improve Social Skills with this New found skill set.

* Gain Tremendous Social Power with a few basic understandings.

* Increase your Social Influence easily with some fundamental adjustments.

* Add more Love and Pleasure to your Relationship.

* Easily meet more cute girls so you can finally meet the girl of your dreams and choice!   Give us a call and find out what this New Discovery is all about: 415 456 8558 




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