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Stop Getting your Ass Kicked in Dating & Relationships

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"One More Round" As my former coach Jacob "Stitch" Duran use to say to me in between rounds, "Come on Mikey, You've got this, One More Round!" And you know what? He was right! I could go 1 more round. And he could stop that bleeding to give me that one more round...

I can't tell you how grateful I am to him for saving more than a few fights by stopping the bleeding... "Stitch" is one of the best cut men in the world. Period!

As I began to coach professional fighters, I too had to do the same thing... I had to convince my fighter, he had "One More Round" in him, that he could do this, he's almost there! And so are you!!!

Relationships Can be a Battle Field if You Don't know what You are Doing!

I have had my heart Ripped out, torn to shreds and stomped on more than I can remember or count. And it hurts! It hurts Badly! I'll tell you this... Getting your heart ripped out in a Loving Relationship is "The Most Painful" experience you can possibly experience. Trust me, I know!

You know, as I write this, I realized, getting punched and kicked in the face by highly trained fighters who compete and win on the national and world level is much less painful that getting your heart ripped out... in fact much easier...

Well let me tell you something right now, "You are Almost there!!!" Let me have 1 more Good Round... 1 More round, you are almost there... You can't quit now!!! You have to get back up and Step back into the Ring of Life and join the fight 1 more time!!! Yes, I get it, I see what's going on, you don't!!

Did you know that women, girls train their entire life to win at the Game of Love, Relationships and Social Power? Re-read that last sentence. Yes, girls, women, sisters, cousins, they all train like Professional Athletes, Fighters, to win in relationships.

And what do guys do? hahahahaha.... You step into the ring of Life and Relationships thinking she's going to play fair or she is on your side... no, sorry! She's here to "KICK YOUR ASS" And you know what? She will...

She hired the Best Trainers, coaches, cut men, nutritionist, you name it and she is here to win. And She's a Beast! But, Here's the Deal... There is a way to Neutralize her in a way that will "LITERALLY" Melt her heart willingly and wantonly, because this is the #1 Thing she truly wants from you.


If you Give her This, she will Join Forces with you! If you Learn how to Open up to this She will become your Best Friend! This Builds Trust in a Relationship! Otherwise she will see you as a Total Stranger she lives with and or is Dating!

As a former Fighter, Athlete and Coach, I can tell you right now, the #1 Thing women want from men is this Hidden form of Love and Emotional Fulfillment which can only be given to her through the Hidden Right Brains, "Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling language of Love that touches her heart and soul on the deepest Level...


And watch her Melt before your eyes.

There is a Powerful Hidden Secret to Loving her Heart in the Female way that she desires from you!


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 Mike Kollin

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