Spiritual Awakening | A Sweet Compassionate, Healing Journey of Love - Awaken to Your Power

Spiritual Awakening | A Sweet Compassionate, Healing Journey of Love

When One Falls in Love with their Inner Being Awakening Occurs!

This Sweet Compassionate Melting into Yourself begins the Healing Journey of Self Discovery and Love!

This is the Loneliest yet most Fulfilling Journey of your entire life! This is the Inward Journey to finding your "SELF". The True Spirit of who you truly are within!

This will be the most Emotional yet most Rewarding Journey of your life!

By doing this... You will help make the world a better place for all...

Trust me, this is not a selfish Journey! This is a journey you have take on your own!

In order to Learn how to Love others You first must learn how to Love your "SELF!" 

But before you can Love yourself, you first need to discover and Find yourself!

Fire and Brimstone!

As I said... this is not a Selfish Journey.... Because you are going to have to walk through the Fire of all Fires! It will bring up every fear you have ever had in your entire life. It will bring up your Guilt, your Shame, your Hurts, your very, very deepest emotional and energetic wounds... 

And Yes... it's going to be Scary, it's going to hurt emotionally in a very, very deep way. But I promise you, it will be okay. Each time you walk through your healings it will clear and you will feel better and know you healed more more piece of the pain you have carried your entire life!

What's going to hurt the most is your friends and family won't be there for you! They won't understand you! Because... "THEY CAN'T!" 😭😭😭

Up until yesterday when I made a New Video for Youtube... It dawned on me why... 

They Can Not Walk your Journey!!

This is a Purification

And only you can walk through this journey! And you must walk this journey alone because you have to learn how to:

Find Yourself!

Connect with Yourself!

Love Yourself

And Heal Yourself!

 One of Pure Heart... 

See, you can't Love someone else if you don't know how to Love Yourself or if you don't have the ability to Love Yourself! 💕 

How can you possibly Love someone if you don't know how to Love yourself??? You can't!

If I needed a $Million Dollars you can't give it to me if you don't have it right???

You can not connect with someone else if you are not connected to yourself! I mean if you are not home, when someone comes over, how can they connect with you "IF YOU ARE NOT THERE????" 

They Can't!!! 

That's why you have to walk through this Journey by yourself... 

That's why this is a Journey of Self Love, Self Compassion and Self Understanding!

How can you possibly understand me if you can't Understand you????

How can you possibly connect with me if you can't connect with you??? 

How can you Love me if you don't know how to Love you???

And how can you have Compassion for me if you don't have Compassion inside you???? 

If you don't have a $Million dollars you can't give a $Million Dollars!! 

If you don't have any Love you can't give anyone any Love!!

You are Here to Find yourself and Learn how to Love yourself and be Compassionate to yourself. And all of this is done by being unbelievably Patient and Understanding of yourself! 

What is your Job?

#1 To Find yourself - To begin to Truly begin to Discover yourself and who you are inside with consistency and persistence and gentleness. The inner being has been forgotten, left along and abandoned by you. And the inner being is like a little child a very young sensitive child that you left and forgot about for other people and for money and things.... 

It's going to take time and patience and understanding and forgiving yourself and being honest with the fact that you have neglected the inner you. So the inner you won't just come running out and saying "It's all Good and Okay now!" The inner you doesn't trust you and will be watching you to make sure you are consistent and are going to be in this relationships for life not just a part time thing or once in a while thing!

The Greatest Relationship you Will ever have is with Yourself!

#2 To Connect with yourself through a Deep, ever Committed effort to be Compassionate to yourself! To open up to yourself and Fully and Completely Accept yourself for who you "Exactly" are right now! The Good, the Bad, the Light and The Darkness.

Which Means you are going to have to Face yourself!

When you can Face yourself and Heal and Love yourself, those around you will slowly begin to realize they can also do the same and will become more and more curious about this inward Journey of Self Healing through Self Love and Self Compassion!

#3 To Forgive yourself - Yes... The hardest thing for most people to truly do is to be able to look at themselves and realize they haven't been there for themselves almost their entire life. 

#4 To Heal yourself through a very Patient and Sweet Compassionate Love! 

#5 To Truly be Understanding of yourself! 

To realize you are were never meant to be perfect but rather to be forever learning and growing and developing from your experiences. I won't even call them mistakes because they were meant to be there for you to learn, grow and develop from those experiences. 

So if you fell and fell hard, slipped, tripped and fell flat on your face or even did very bad things because of it, it's truly okay! 

What's not Okay is to Deny the Experience, even worse to Deny the True Fullness of the Learning that was meant to come from the Experience!

We are Here to Learn and Grow and Uncover our Lessons!

A Spiritual Awakening is an Uncovering of who we are and our Life Lessons!

So Allow this Journey to unfold naturally and simply learn to Let go and go with the flow! 

It's the lesson of a Life Time! It's why you are here!


"Let Go - It's Why you are Here!"

Because its the very act of letting go that allows you to Find yourself, Heal yourself, be Patient with yourself, be Good to yourself, to be Kind to yourself and ultimately to heal yourself emotionally and thus spiritually!

And because Learning how to Let Go allows you to find your True Power with in who you truly are and what you truly are!

Because you are "LOVE!"

And there is a mighty, mighty God Given Power within you when you find yourself! Your Spiritual Gifts will open up and reveal themselves and you will realize they have always been there waiting for you to open up to them to begin to use them once again!

And Finally, Now:

You can Love one another!

You can Listen to Understand someone fully and completely without Judgement! 

You can be Compassionate to the young man or woman who has once again made a mistake! And that includes yourself as well... 

You can begin to realize that others are also going through trials and tribulations and they also make mistakes because they don't know everything including how to stand up for themselves or how to speak up for themselves so maybe they lash out in anger or fear or worse, Emotional Pain and Suffering!

Be patient with them because "Now You Can!"

You can be there for someone in a way that actually makes a difference in their healing journey! 

You can realize the True Power Love has always had and it has alway been right there at your finger tips on your very words and thoughts to use at any given moment!

You can simply walk in Faith, Love and Sweet Compassion within and others will sense this energy that you walk with and it will have a Powerful effect on them in a way that you can't possibly imagine until you begin to see their light start to shine!

That's why you have to walk through your fire! 

To Make the World a Better Place!

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