Sometimes Love just ain't Enough

Very, very true! #1 The real reason I am posting this, is because it's just that good of a  remake!! This young lady really hits these notes right! #2 The title of this song is absolutely true! See, this is why I got into this business, because men and women, no matter how much you Love each other, Love simply is not enough! As a man you can Love her with all your heart and soul and work extra hours, buy her amazing gifts, buy her a Mansion, a Huge Diamond ring, Mercedes, Vacations and more.... But this is simply NOT LOVE to the Female System... She needs Love Communicated & Expressed in a very specific way that

Mother Nature Hid from the Male Brain! 

But there sincerely is an Answer that will help you whether you are single, married, male or Female! There is a Real Answer that will help you both come from a Place of Love & Understanding! Enjoy the song.
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