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Social Proof! #3 How to Powerfully Attract Women | Dating Tips for men

Author: Mike Kollin of MGK International.


How to Seduce Women Fast Dating Tips for Men



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Social Proof is fine, but, Self Proof is much more powerful, because self proof is real social proof! If you have to rely on others, female friends or an entourage, cars, money or whatever, then you don’t have real social proof, you have fake/weak social proof! Now, what do I mean? Well, that form of Social Proof is an External Form of Social Proof! Which means, you are dependant and reliant on Social Proof Externally, outside of who you are or outside of yourself! Which, limits you and makes you reliant on others, etc.. Ie. you know, when you have to rely on having a girl with you to attract other girls or an expensive car, etc.. This is weak social proof and not actually true or genuine proof. It's reliant on others/external proof. There is a much more Powerful Form of Social Proof that trumps any form of External Proof. This is the Ace of Spades!

The form of Social Proof that I am talking about, is Internal Social Proof! So what is Internal Social Proof! Well, in NLP, Hypnosis and Psychology/Therapy terms, what I am saying or what I mean, is the difference between "External Approval" or Others Approval VS. "Self or Internal Approval." So, there are 2 kinds of people. Those who look for External Approval from "Others!" Now these people are by far in the majority as in 80+% of the population or more. These people are group oriented people and look to others for approval, right or wrong and what to do or not to do!

These people tend to function very well within a group that has some form of leadership. They also tend to be groupies or as Tony Robbins calls them, Emulators. (Then tend to follow and copy.) And, when they go to buy a product or course, they also look to others to see if it's a good product or course. In other words, they are the ones who almost solely rely on Testimonials from others who have already bought this product and have found it to be a very Powerful and Successful product or course. Then there are those who are more Internal and look for "Self Approval!"

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How to Seduce Women Fast | Dating tips for men


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These are a much rarer breed. These people look to self for when they want to or don't want to do, have or buy something. These are the leaders and are self led individuals. Now, anyone can eventually become self led, but it will take a lot of therapy and personal work and persistence to truly create a stronger sense of self and have a stronger value system within. Now simply put, these people tend to be leaders and if motivated, flat out lead the pack! And these people don't care what any testimonial says or what others think about a course or product.

They make up their own decision based on what they think. They read the information, ask questions and make up a decision based on their own information gathering and what they think. Period. Another cool thing is that these people tend to have a very good decision making strategy. They usually make decisions very fast and know what they want. And that includes if they don't know yet because they don't' have enough information. And thus they will decide not to decide yet and wait until they understand more or have more information. * Secret Key to the Cave girls mating system!

The Caveman who survived and thrived actually was a very selfish caveman who knew what he wanted and went after what he wanted. He didn't care what other people thought. In other words, he didn't let social group or an individuals opinion stop him from  getting what he wants out of life! (This is very attractive to the female mating system.)

#1 He Knew what he wanted! #2 He went after what he wanted! (Because he was "Internal, Self Led.") * Now these 2 things are very, very attractive to the females mating system. How many times have you heard a woman say, I am looking for a man who knows what he wants and goes after it? This is why some men seem to attract all the girls. For one reason or another, he was raised or learned to go after what he wanted. And this is why some guys no matter how successful or hard working can't ever seem to get the girl. Remember, you could be completely and totally broke and attract her based off of her unconscious mating systems requirements! And this is why a Rich man can lose his wife or girlfriend to a guy who doesn't' even have a job! Because the guy who has goals and is moving forward and has "Self Approval" is extremely attractive to a females mating system.

I had a client who had a million dollar home, owned his own business, had a great exercise routine, was in phenomenal shape, tall, slender, very healthy and could be a model. He was a great looking, rich and successful man. But... What kept happening to him was he kept meeting girls who initially were attracted to him and they would slowly but surely lose interest... So he would spend more money and try to attract them or keep them by buying more expensive things, trips, etc.. And no matter what he would do, they would eventually leave him for...

A guy who was broke or had a poor job! Now here's why! Sure, he had what a man thought a female wanted, but he wasn't moving, at all... He lived in the same home, had the same business in the same place and had the exact same hobbies! He didn't have any goals. For over 15 years or more, he was doing the same exact routine making the same amount of money for over 15 years. He was not growing, expanding and developing as a person in any way, shape or form, at all... He was stagnant! Sure, sure he had money, too, trips, had a business, BMW, etc. etc. but the other guys who were living in an apartment, working hard, 2 jobs, going to college, whatever, were actively going after their goals.

These guys were literally on it! They had real goals and were "Actively" Moving in a direction. This is huge, huge, huge to the female mating system! How many times have you heard a woman say, "I don't care if a guy is rich at all. All I care about is if he has real goals!" Now, this means actually taking steps daily, weekly towards making them happen. Then once you achieve them, set newer goals and move forward with active steps and especially a guy who is focused on what he wants out of life and is going after it! Well, my client who was very successful, especially compared to these other guys had a hard time understanding this, because as he said, "But I already have these things and have achieved my goals. I have the Million dollar home, I make a lot of money, I am my own man, etc." I said, "But, you have to be moving in a direction and raising the bar or at least setting different goals. Maybe it's to start a new hobby or learn a new language or culture or something, anything! You have to move and get after it! Period!"

Now, to her system, this guy who is rich, has the home, business, etc. who is not expanding, moving forward is equivalent to the guy who constantly bullshits and talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. I know logically it's not the same to the male brain, but to the female brain, a guy who is not actively moving forward is a bullshitter to her, making promises, constantly telling her that he's gonna, he's gonna, but never does! Eventually she's going to get sick and tired of this and leave. And yes, this applies to the rich guy who isn't actively going after it. * So trust me, when women say they are looking for a man who has goals, knows what he wants and knows how to get it, she is not kidding! She means that! Now, in short, this and everything I teach all has to do with the way our mating systems were hard wired from the Caveman era, because our mating system still operate off of the same principles and functions.

See, the Caveman had to constantly plan, prepare and go after animals and hunt almost daily in order to survive and take care of her and the children. And another thing he had to do was be very good at working with and socializing with other cavemen, in order to protect  and provide for his family and survive. This is why mother natured designed this into the female's mating system to be attracted to a man who is good at socializing and making connections and has social/communication skills. * And this is exactly what my entire course is all about.

So you will not only get the girl, you will gain greater Social Power and Develop Greater Social Influence by learning these specific social skills and powerful communication skills that unconsciously trigger her mating system to want to mate with you for life! And all of this is hard wired into her system. So, if you have made millions and are retired or even just going in the same circle forever, then her mating system loses interest in you, and will begin looking for a better mate. Which answers why a lot of women will leave their rich husbands for a guy who is struggling, is out of shape, not good looking, etc., but, he has gumption, is going after it, talking to people, making things happen, etc..

Back to this "Internal Approval" which is true Social Power!!!

Now what is really going on between these 2 different types of individuals or people? It's really quite simple what creates this. Simply put, the External people literally seek approval outside of themselves by having an external view. Those who are Self led naturally look within for approval and guidance. Now that's not to say you can't go to college, learn from others, higher Professional coaches and learn from experts. In fact, the majority of people who higher professional coaches are those who are at the top!!! Ie. Professional Business men, Tony Robbins, Professional Athletes, etc..

And those people tend to be the "Internal" self led people. Now, what am I really talking about? I am simply stating that there is a way of viewing the world and developing this way of going through life by constantly looking and sensing within for answers, questions, approval and sensing the world from within. And this is exactly what Jesus and Buddha were attempting to teach the masses or anyone who would listen to what they really meant by this. The Famous Phrase is "Look Within!"

Now, here is what I will teach you in my course. I will teach you very, very powerful techniques to learn how to open up to your Internal Right brain. And then I will teach you how to reconnect with your Internal Self. Tip: Here is a very basic way of beginning to do develop this right now. #1 Go into Peripheral vision. In other words, notice what is on the periphery. Now, don't focus or try or strain. In fact, do the opposite. "Let Go!" Just relax, breath deep and let go... That will automatically open you up to your periphery... #2 Now as you are open like that, then, also put your awareness "Internally!" Yes, put your awareness inside or at least on your body; chest, heart, lungs, gut, upper and middle back, down the side of your arms, legs, etc..

Now, what does this #2 do? It reconnects you to your Radar System. The system that is directly connected to your 5 senses; see, hear, feel, taste and smell. And once you truly learn how to do this and develop this in a much more powerful way, then this will automatically attract her to you because this means you are Self Aware and listening to your radar system which is your body/5 senses. Your body is constantly giving you all kinds of signals. Now you may have heard that or read that before, but in my course I will make you very, very aware of your body and it's sensations and you will clearly understand and know what it is telling you!

Sure, this does take work and commitment and discipline to develop this more and more to the point that you are truly grounded and connected. But the pay off is worth it in every way you could imagine from attracting women to calming you wife or girlfriend to gaining greater social power and learning how to open up and see the bigger picture which allows you to notice more and learn more and is the sole reason why some guy shave the edge in life, love and business! Without truly developing this, you are dead in the water and left to a life of wondering why others guys seem to just have things go there way! * Again, in my courses, I will teach you a lot more powerful techniques to make this fun, develop this and gain more and more of this form of Social Proof / Power!

* So are we doing anything to her?  Answer: No! We are doing something for you, too you and with ourselves! We are self leading ourselves. Period! The female mating system is hard wired/designed to find men who are self led & "Internal very, very attractive!" This is one of the most powerful ways to trigger the female mating system without actually doing anything other than listening to yourself, being internal and self led. Now, once you truly develop this natural "Internal Self, you don’t need props, cars, money or to be surrounded by others…

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it! In fact, I am going to take it one step further! Have you ever wondered why you see this beautiful girl with this shorter, not so seemingly powerful guy and is totally in love with him? Well, I’ll tell you why! There is a very, very powerful and distinct difference between men who rely on external social proof for self esteem and men who have a much stronger sense of self by being "Internal" and look for self approval! This is what she is looking for in a man! To her, this is what a man is! A man who is connected within himself. Now what am I talking about? I am talking about everything you have learned in all the other Pickup artists courses and dating classes and books!

You know, how to be dependent on external things and other people to help you get laid or meet women! You know, asking a female friend to go out with you so other girls will find you attractive and wonder why she is with you, etc. Or having big jewelry or fur or any of these external things you put onto your body! Sure, it’s works at first, to meet women, but it’s very, very limited and it takes up a lot of your time and also your energy. well, what do I mean? I mean you are stuck! You are completely stuck relying on having a female friend with you (Pre Selection) are for a group of fake or real buddies to talk you up! You know, about how great you are, etc..

What’s worse, you are reliant on all these external props and people to get women curious about you! So if they are not around, you are screwed. Sure, she may get curious and may talk to you to find out more about you and may even give you here number and go on a few dates with you. But there's a major problem. Remember how I said she will become curious about you because you are with another girl or group of friends? Well guess what she's going to do? She's going to spend time with you, investigating you and looking, searching to find out who you are.

And you know what? She is going to slowly, eventually discover who you really are! What she's going to discover is that you attracted her simply by having props, other girls with you and your buddies speaking you up and eventually discover who you really are! Because, eventually you have to be you and she is going to find out who you really are! This is why a lot of guys get really good at playing these games and getting numbers, dates, picking up on women, even sex, but can't seem to keep a girl or make a relationship work!

And there is a level of deception and trickery instead of you being the genuine you! But then again, that isn’t easy either is it! So for now, you are stuck on having to either A. put up with a bunch of other guys and hope they work with you, do the right thing and say the right thing, etc. B. you have to rely on them or a female friend to go out with you or some external thing! Which really isn’t true Social Proof and especially is not true Social Power!!!

So you say you want Social Power because let’s be honest, True Social Power is very rare and it is the only True, Real Social Proof there is! So come on give us a call here at MGK Enterprises and learn the real core of Understanding and Loving women, so she makes love with the real you inside! MGK International & Mike Kollin are a Personal Development based company specializing in teaching Divorced and single men how to meet the girl or girls of your dreams by further building up your self esteem by teaching you Core Understandings and Skills to attract Quality women into your lives by understanding how the female system functions!

If you have these powerful tools we teach here at MGK Enterprises and Caveman Technologies, it’s easy to start to realize you now have lot to offer a woman what she really wants… This course goes much, much deeper than Pickup artists courses and will Powerfully compliment and amplify your ability to meet that special lady! You better open your mind before you fall behind even further. The world is moving forward and my course is leading the pack in every area! Desire! Creative thinking! Knowing what you want! Is the Goal worthy of you???

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