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Author: Mike Kollin of MGK International

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There a few Key, Core Understandings in the female's mating system that once you understand, you won't have to lie or rely on fake or weak external social proof or any of that stuff. And for God's sake please, please stop with the God Damn lines! Women absolutely hate lines to death! And I will prove it in my course by explaining how the female brain is wired how lines literally irritate her system/brain! Ok, I'll explain this a little bit here now. Ok, the left brain is the male brain which is the logical, linear, rule oriented, structured processor / brain for math and science, business and work. Now look at a very important word in that sentence, "Linear!"

  Now if you break that word down, what does it mean and spell? Line + ar = Linear. "Line!" It means to go in a line. And this line is externally, outside of your body, or away from you outside! Now let's take this 1 step further! Now the Right brain is called the Female Brain. The Right Brain is the Emotional, Creative, Spiritual, "NON LINEAR" processor! See that? Non Linear! Now what does that mean?

It means that her brain is the spacial brain. And when you throw linear lines at her, it drives her right brain freaking bazerkers! It's like shorting out an electrical system. And it sexually turns her OFF!!! She doesn't like it at all... The right brain is the "Internal" Brain. And the female language is the "INTERNAL" language! It literally goes inside in an inward direction, just like electricity. The male languages is called the "External" Language.

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The male electricity also known as the positive electron goes externally. The female electricity is the returning electricity and goes inwards! So when you throw a line or lines at her, it takes her outside of her right brain and she hates this. And thus it takes her away from her mating system and disconnects her from her mating system  and thus literally turns her off!!! It takes her out of her right brain and puts her into her left logical brain. So come take my course and learn how to speak this internal language that literally triggers her mating system to want to have sex with you and make love with you and marry you! I mean you do want her to feel deeply loved and cared for right?

Well that's what the "Internal Female Language" Does for her! It is the only way women can receive Love from you! This course is literally life changing and transformational.


The female mating system is directly connected to her Right, Female Communication processor Brain. This is why the Hidden-Coded, Right Brained "Internal Female Language" Triggers her sexually to want to have sex with you! Because it is directly connected to her mating system.

Yes, there is a hidden language that mother nature hid from the male brain that turns her on! And you keep on paying for shit! Come on man! Come learn the real Secret! So when you are in your left brain using lines, being logical, then you are literally forcing her to come out of her right brain, where her mating system is connected too, and thus she has to go into her left, logical brain in order to understand your linear communication. And thus she is taken away from her mating system and is now getting logical... not sexual... ugh!!!!

* Do you want to know why women hate it when men try to "Impress" her??? Because that's a linear process!!! It's literally what's called the Push energy or External direction of communication. Just look at that word "IMPRESS!!!" Now let's break that word down. "Impress". Im + Press = Impress! Look at the word Press! You are literally pressing her away with your mentality and logical, impressing words! Press is an External word going outside away from her mating system and turns her off!

When you try to impress her with your car, how much money you have, your trophies you won or your job or degree, it's boring her to death and literally pushing/pressing her away from you! I am dead serious! And thus you have made a logical friend and you are now stuck in the Logical Friends Box!!!

You have been fed so much crap in all of these other courses, it's not even funny! They keep teaching you lines and tricks and all this logical, left brain Bullshit that turns her off... Sure, she'll talk to you! She'll be your friend. Let me ask you a question. Are you really getting laid like a Rock Star? Yes or no!!! If you truly, truly want to learn what's really going on that no one on the planet is teaching, then come take my courses now before you waste another dime on any of these other guys courses!

At MGK International, we really have the answers women wish you knew! Yes, women actually want you to know what this is and have been trying for centuries to teach you, but for some reason you are just not getting it. I'll tell you why you are not getting it. It's because she is literally trying to teach this to you in a hidden female coded language that the male brain literally can not process! And that is the  break through discovery that I have made!

#1 I figured out what it is that literally triggers her mating system that melts her heart and brings her back into your arms. And this Powerfully, sexually, Romantically and Seductively turns her on, "IN THE FEMALE WAY" that she likes!!! No more tricks! No more bullshit! No more lying! No more ego B.S.. Just pure Results!

Next Blog talks about the Powerful Secret I teach on how to have real Self Proof, which is much, much more powerful than External Social proof where you have to rely on props, friends, and other females, etc. Self Proof is the real Social Proof her mating system is really looking for!

Next: Social Proof! #3 How to Powerfully attract women!!! True Social Power and what is it? 


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How to Seduce Women Fast | Dating tips for Men


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