So, you want to Be The Man she can’t stop thinking about!!

So, you want to Be The Man she can’t stop thinking about!!

Crack the Female Code is a set of Unconscious Patterns that "Literally" trigger her mating system to want you badly! She literally can't resist this!

There is literally a set of Hidden Codes and series of Patterns that I will Reveal within my course that will Show you how to Attract women to you, Melt her heart and trigger her mating system to go into over drive!

This is fun for her and makes her go Crazy for you!

This is more than a Course on Picking up women, this is a training & mind conditioning EVENT! (These hidden teachings are not taught anywhere in any other course.) There’s something Powerful I learned from a Laotian Monk whom I studied under for 8 years. He was the Key to my understanding women on a much deeper level!!!

Many years ago after studying Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and different forms of unconscious communication I met a Buddhist Monk Whom I studied under for many years. He saw that my girlfriend and I were madly, head over heals in love for each other, but we simply didn't get along and it was ripping us apart. And what he did for me was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!

He told me to keep coming back. And I did, for weeks. And then one day, while working with Buddha Kham, I Woke up, I opened up and I started laughing and laughing and laughing! It was like the curtains had finally been pulled open, the windows opened wide and suddenly as if by magic, I could see once again! The light shined in and my heart opened up, "Literally!"

I had memory after memory after memory, of my mom, my ex girlfriends, female teachers, sisters, female friends, all come rushing back to me from my childhood all the way to now... and I could suddenly see clearly that they were saying A. and as a male I thought they were saying B. and I suddenly understood that I was literally completely misunderstanding women my entire life and that was why they kept getting mad at me! And I began to smile & Laugh Uncontrollably, Loudly and couldn't stop! I was laughing in the middle of the temple in the main room at the top of my lungs. My girlfriend came in from the kitchen followed by all the nuns and all the monks and parishoners from inside and out of the temple came inside all in wonderment as to why this white guy was laughing so loudly and couldn't stop.

The monk just sat there as Proud as anyone could be and began laughing along with me. And my girlfriend was smiling from ear to ear asking, "What's so funny?" And suddenly all the memories of all of our misunderstandings came rushing in and I tried to talk but just started laughing even louder! And within minutes the entire temple of people were all laughing, surrounding me!

I was finally understanding women, what they were saying in the first place!!

So I stood there laughing and laughing, surrounded by Buddhist Monks, Nuns, men, women and children and my girlfriend having the most profound realization and understanding of my entire life! Happier than I have ever been in my entire life!

Finally! A Real Answer that Works!

And this gift I humbly offer to you as well.

To Buddha Kham, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very, very much!!!

R.I.P. kind sir! Your Teachings will go on!

* Yes, this is me teaching Buddhist Monks, communication, from Laos.

[caption id="attachment_1336" align="aligncenter" width="300"]That's Me Teaching the Monks in the temple! That's Me Teaching the Monks in the temple![/caption]

This course will Literally Open your eyes to what you've been missing your entire life!! 

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