So over Dating & being Single Ready for Love!

Have you ever truly, truly been "In Love" and one day it ended? Well, odds are, if you are over 25 years of age, you have been in love or at the very least had a major crush! Well right now I am listening to Katharine Mcphee's song "OVER IT!" And I have to tell you, it truly brings back a lot of emotions of being deeply in love! And you know what? A lot of times relationships end. And it hurts! It really, really hurts! And it can take years and even a few relationships to get over a deep, deeply in Love Relationship! Love is such a Powerful, Powerful emotion, feeling and experience to truly take on and live with! But you know what? It's worth every single hurt, pain and feeling and all the effort you have to go through to live it! I know, I know right now some of you are saying, "I had my heart Ripped out! And it was the worst thing that ever happened to me!" And you know what? I believe you! It hurts in a way that those who haven't been through it, can't even fathom... To give your all, your heart, your soul and everything you have within you to the relationship, to open your very soul and connect on the deepest of levels and still fall short of the Dream! It's the most devastating thing many human's will go through... not next to death but equivalent to death! I know, because I have had more than a few really close friends and family die and pass away at very young ages! And I can say and many therapist will say that falling out of love and losing a loved one can be equal to losing one to death! But you know what? You have to get over it! No, maybe not right now! In fact, it may take a few years plus therapy, plus reading a lot of books on love, communication and understanding and most importantly learning about yourself and having a greater appreciation for yourself and understanding others! What I am saying, is it's true, your worst day, your worst failure, the worst pain and suffering you go through will be your Greatest Teachers, but only, only, only if you truly want to learn, only if you are patient and "Pay Attention!" Because without that, you will just continue to make the same mistakes. But, remember, some times we need to make the same damn mistake over and over and over to finally one day learn! I personally believe in hiring therapist, coaches and personal development speakers and read a ton of books and everything I can get my hands on to continue this growth! And I'll tell you why! Because one day you will be at a place where I am at. A much Happier, more Meaningful and Emotionally fulfilling place within! No, I didn't say I reached a place of perfection and there is no more growth. I am just saying that it does pay off and it, life, love continues to grow and become deeper, greater and better in every way! In my journeys, I have finally come to a much greater place of being whole and complete within with a much greater Love and Joy for life and appreciation for. I can not tell you the growth and joy life has brought me by simply being a fighter and just finding a way to get through the pain and continue my learning and growth in life, love and relationships! So, don't ever think there is an end game or end point. There's always more and always greater learning which increases a lot more happiness, fun and understanding and always more love! In one word, the "Energy" increases which makes you a much more attractive person in every way! So, for now, the tip of the day is: Continue your growth no matter what! Hire coaches, go to seminars, even a 4 hour workshop, anything! Read blogs, books, etc. just keep moving forward! You will get there! For now, here are a few of my new videos I made recently! If you are not Subscribed to my youtube channel, get on there now and click the Subscribe button for a ton of free tips, teachings and understandings. Because I am finlly learning & putting a lot more energy into that direction! Remember, be Happy, Enjoy your life and have good thoughts for others and yourself! Best wishes always!           Gives us a Call at MGK Enterprises: 415 456 8558 This is Mike Kollin
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