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See, a lot of people have huge misconceptions about life, about love and especially about each other! If there was one single purpose of my course, it is to show men that women want: Passion, Romance, Love and intensely pleasurable experiences. I want to show men that their wives or girlfriends want to be loved in the "Female Way!" See, the biggest confusion between men and women is that women are wired completely differently when it comes to being approached, turned on and Loved! [caption id="attachment_1734" align="aligncenter" width="264" caption="Nikki Six: Life is Beautiful"][/caption] So for years and years, both men and women unconsciously try to Love each other, care for each other and turn each other on, even seduce each other in the way they are seduced, turned on or even loved and cared for; not in the way that the opposite sex is turned on or loved! See, we as humans think the way we think and love the way we love, not realizing the opposite sex is NOT Turned on or Loved in our way! So they get mad, deeply emotionally hurt and wounded, all based on misunderstandings. WELL, NO MORE!!!! This course will open your eyes to how to Love and Understand the opposite sex from their perspective from the way mother nature hard wired them to be loved and or turned on! This courses Core, Core purpose is to finally teach men and women how to love one another in the opposite sexes way. This courses Core purpose is to teach you how to Love her and Sexually, Romantically Seduce and turn her on Powerfully in the way that she desires, in the way that she finds to be natural, normal and very, very intensely passionate!!! Whether you are single, dating or married, all and I mean all women want this. But she doesn't understand why you don't get it or understand what it is she wants... She doesn't know if you are stupid or if you are just mentally missing something... Well, you are not mentally stupid or missing something, you are just wired in such a complete opposite way and socially conditioned by women to do the exact wrong things when approaching, opening and meeting women. It simply pisses women off. And that's why most men truly believe that women don't want to or like to be picked up and especially not Seduced! The funny thing is, it's the women who ask me, well why don't guys do this? And I have to tell them, because guys think that you don't like this, that this is some how bad or wrong to turn you on and or seduce you, because when they do it in the male way, you get mad... But women say, we don't want it done in that way, we want it done in this other way. Why don't men get that? MY answer: Because his brain was neurologically wired so differently that he thinks, that way of approaching you, turning you on, and seducing you is bad! This always, always astonishes women when they hear this... What I am doing is opening your eyes to what is really going on, inside the female brain so you can Romantically Seduce her and turn her on in "The Female Way!!!" Because, this is what women want! If you keep coming at her with the male way, she is simply going to leave you, cuss at you and or divorce you! Women can not receive Love in the male way or the way men offer/give Love. It has to be done in the opposite way! The challenge is, that this is so odd, foreign and strange to the male system, that it's simply a shock for men to understand it, let alone believe it, until it is taught to the male brain in a very, very specific, step by step process that opens him up to Finally See this! That's what my course is about. Another huge, huge part of my course is what I wrote to a client of mine tonight who is helping me create some new video's for my course: This is one of the songs I was thinking of opening my video's with... "Just open your eyes, Just open your eyes and see that life is Beautiful!!!!!" Maybe open with a few seconds before this sentence, then let it go a few seconds past, then blend it in.... I want to rock the fuck out of the House! I want to distance myself from all the feminine Love and relationship experts who act like men need to be feminine all the time and submissive and wimpy... I want men to know that they have rights, that they deserve to be loved and treated with as much respect & dignity as women. That men need to be honored and deserve happiness, fun and love as well... And, that masculine energy is what she really wants in the first place!!! And I want to Open people's eyes to Truth, to Love, to Real Understanding. So they can truly live a full and complete lives together filled with happiness and fun as well as, as much pleasure as possible! Because we all want to live this Beautiful life as much as possible and experience it to the fullest! And you know, that's really what you and I were talking about last night... We just want to live our dreams and live and experience life to the fullest... That's what I am about! And it's all done in understanding women. Love comes from truly understanding what she wants you to know in the first place. And to my knowledge, this is the first course to finally teaching the male brain how to actually see this, understand this and push this forward and put this into real life action so he can get the results of applying this in his life and hers! Once you understand what she wants from the female's perspective, in the way she needs to be loved & turned on, and enjoy pleasure with you, all the barriers to connecting with women emotionally and sexually and meeting girls will all melt away and suddenly the door will open up and it will all become simple and fun! So come learn what this is and how to do it, because you deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest with her! Live your life with Passion, to the fullest! Sincerely, Mike Kollin - The Love Doctor Your Love and Communication Expert CaveMan Technologies 415 456 8558 100% Female Approved course * Pro Feminine * Pro Masculine/Male!
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