Shine Your Light Bright The Worlds Needs You | Empaths Unite

Shine Your Light Bright The Worlds Needs You | SuperNova

Shine your Light Bright

If they get upset due to your mere presence and it angers them that's their problem! They will however try to some how blame you and act like you are wrong!

You are not Wrong! You are very very Right! Your Light will always upset the Darkness in others! For it reveals the Demons inside them! You just keep shining bright! 💕
Right Now more than Ever The World, Other people need to see your Light Shine Bright! Post on social media! Post this blog! Post about your Happiness, your Joy, your Happiness! 

Show the World that you are STILL IN THE FIGHT!!! 

There are others who desperately need to hear this RIGHT NOW more than ever! Keep in the Fight and start showing / shining your light so others can see they are not alone but that others are in this fight with them so they can begin to shine their light!

Mike Kollin

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