Why Did She Leave Me? | Relationship Coaching for Men & Women.

Why Did She Leave Me? | Relationship Coaching for Men

This is probably the most important Blog I have ever written

And I believe it will absolutely in a very clear fashion help men to understand what's going on!!!

Why Did She Leave Me? | Relationship Coaching for Men & Women.

Why Did She Leave Me? | Relationship Coaching for Men & Women.


This is it, this is what it is all about, yes all of it! My friend was almost screaming last week, desperately trying to get me to hear his side! I finally said to him, I get it, I get it, you want me to understand what you are going through! He stopped, looked at me and quietly said, "Yes!" I then said, "That's what she needs from you too!" "She is doing everything in her power to get this message across to you!

Do you really know what this song is about? It's about what every woman has screamed about for 10's of thousands of years!

Men and women do not know or realize they process language or communication in different parts of their brains which means we literally process language and body language through 2 completely different processors that give 2 completely different meanings to words and body language; thus, we are literally speaking 2 completely different sub languages or hidden sub languages!

We are not Hearing Each other!!!!

So, she says in the song, "You shout it out but I can't hear a word." Why?

Because he is speaking in a different sub language that her brain can not process and she literally, yes, literally does not understand him. So what does he do?

He gets angry and more determined to get the message across for her to hear him, understand him and what he is saying. So he yells it shouts it out!

"I Love you!!!! I Love YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And still she can't understand him or see what he is saying because the female brain can't understand the male form of expression in the male language, so he yells louder and louder and louder to get her to understand him.

And then in the song she says, "I'm talking loud not saying much" What she means is that she is now yelling louder with you but she isn't saying anything just like you! And then in the song goes on to say, "I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet."

And this leads to pure desperation between couples and thus out of desperation to open up the other person they usually will cut them down, tell them they are stupid or other mean and or hurtful things in desperation to get them to understand them and thus feel loved by them. "I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet" See, everyone wants and needs to be Loved and Understood.

If your Lover, your Better half can't understand your deep feelings, hurts, emotional wounds, nothing makes you "FEEL"  more unloved, all alone & misunderstood than not being understood. That's why being understood is so important to being and especially feeling deeply, deeply loved!

For men, the equivalent would be to never, ever in 10 years make love to your wife, even though you are married and sleep in the same bed with her every night. You absolutely must learn how to Speak the right brains language so her heart will know it is loved and understood. Otherwise, all the shouting in the male language just confuses her and she doesn't understand why you are shouting and refuse to just tell her what you are feeling, thinking, expressing, etc. etc.

Yes, I know you are expressing your feelings to her, but her brain can't process the male external, linear push language, so she can't understand you or your emotions and she doesn't believe or more importantly doesn't emotionally feel loved by you, no matter how loud you yell.

I mean, you are speaking a foreign language to her which she doesn't understand, so yelling in this foreign langauge won't do a thing. But, if you learn how to speak her language, the arguments and fighting will suddenly turn into experiences of Romance, Love, XXX Rated passionate Love making, deep, deep emotional bonding and you will have your best friend back in your life and 100% on your side because she will feel Loved Emotionally by you!

"You shout it out, But I can't hear a word you say. I'm talking loud not saying much. I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet. You shoot me down, but I get up." [Chorus:] "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away. You shoot me down but I won't fall. I am titanium. You shoot me down but I won't fall. I am titanium."


She needs you to learn how to communicate and speak in her language so she can understand you and feel loved by you!

She can't receive Love in the way men communicate and express their LOVE! So come learn how to Love her heart! This is what my course is about, helping men learn how to communicate in the right brains language so she can receive your love and emotional fulfillment through a deeper form of understanding and Love!

We both want to be Loved and we both desperately need to be Understood in order to physically / Emotionally feel Loved!

Obviously there is more to this, so if you sincerely want to know the answer to, "Why did she leave me?" Sign up for my 1 on 1 coaching sessions or take the course/seminar.


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