TV Show Lucifer Morning Star

Shadow work is about Healing the Hidden Parts of Yourself

From Dark to Light

This is Shadow Work!

When I talk about Shadow work, I don't mean Carl Youngian Style. 

I mean Energy Healing a Deep, Deep Release from a Gentle Opening of your Heart and Soul and the Hidden Fears, Hurts, Pains and even Shame from within, including all the Anger and Hate and even Violent thoughts and Possible desires to hurt someone or yourself!

This TV Series is all about Therapy and Healing!

One of the Styles of healing work that I am trained in is Ericksonian  Hypnosis and also NLP! One of the tools we use and are trained in, is Healing through symbology  and through indirect communication!

And that is exactly what this entire TV Series is all about!

Even in the Bible Jesus is / was called The Morning Star! Just like Lucifer Morning Star, the Devil. The Same character in this TV Serious and also in the Bible!

Jesus is later named the Evening Star which means "The OverComer!"  

And that is why we are here! To Heal our Darkest Parts of who we are that we have hidden, Deep, Deep within... To Heal and Over Come our Darkness.

It's the Hardest work you will ever do other than Go to Actual War and Fight in hand to hand combat and close fighting! 

This is not an easy path! But! It is the Most Rewarding and meaningful series of Experiences you will ever Have! This will Change your life!

Note: The Reason why God in this Series won't tell them he Loves them, is because that's the Wrong Question. The Question is, "DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?" 

If you can't Love yourself, no matter how much your Father Loves you or your wife or Girlfriend or whoever, you will never believe or feel you are Lovable.... This is what this is all about!

Self Love Heals

Deep therapy requires that you see it for yourself... so you can be Empowered as God Says in this video.

Good Luck Everyone and Bless you!


Mike Kollin

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