Seminars for Single men and for All Women coming Soon!!!

This could totally be you in a few more weeks? I'm serious! There are very specific and unique techniques that attract women to men. And they are literally the opposite of what you think they are, and that's why you are in the Dark when it comes to meeting all the Beautiful, Cute n Sexy girls you desire! Yes, this is me in this picture!!! #1 I am having a unique 1 of a kind seminar series coming up in a matter of weeks. But you have to get in now or within a few days to about 10 to 15 days to make sure you can get in on Level I. Training. Because as of right now I don't have any other repeat Level I. Trainings coming up. #2 I am going to let you in on a little secret. Mother nature purposely wired women in the opposite direction than men when it comes to 3 important things. [caption id="attachment_554" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="How he met the girl of his dreams!"]How to meet the girl of your Dreams![/caption] 1) The way women communicate and process language is literally the opposite of the way men communicate and process language. Yes! We literally speak 2 completely different sub or hidden languages, but men don't know this. Now, the man who can learn how to open up to his right brain and communicate in this hidden language women speak all the time, gets all the girls. Because this triggers her mating system. And turns her on. So, if you are relying on paying for dinners, paying for gifts, candy, expensive flowers, etc. Oh and drinks at the clubs, you are wasting your time and literally doing the opposite of what turns a woman on. And that is why a lot of girls get really pissed off at guys. Because women are waiting for something very specific, but guys never do it, but rather rely on paying for things and buying drinks. Nothing tells a women more that you don't respect her than to pay for drinks or rely on buying things. Trust me, this really pisses women off and tells her that you are stupid. 2) Women receive Love in the opposite direction than the way men do. So the more you express your love to a women, the more it pisses her off!!! Because you are expressing your Love in a way that is the opposite of the way she would express or receive Love. So she is looking at you, like "What in the hell is he doing???" 3) The male mating system is directly connected to his eyes through a nerve that connects to the optic nerve that directly connects to the back of his eyes. Thus men are turned on sexually visually! And this is where men make the "Biggest" mistake when dealing with women. You try to seduce her or turn her on visually. Ie buy candy, beautiful flowers, dress in a nice dress shirt, dress shoes, etc. etc pay for an expensive dinner in a beautiful, overly expensive restaurant, etc. Well, here is the problem. "YOU ARE VISUALLY STIMULATED SEXUALLY, NOT HER!!!" SHE IS STIMULATED THROUGH THIS HIDDEN FROM OF COMMUNICATION. Her mating system is directly connected to her Right Brains Emotional Communication Center! Thus she is sexually turned on, Romanced and Seduced through this Hidden form of Right Brain Communication. Now here is the hilarious part. Men are almost solely stuck in their Linear, Logical "LEFT BRAIN". hahahahaha... So when men hear her say, "I want to communicate or I need better communication", or when a women says, "It's all about Communication" guess what he hears???? hahahaha... He goes oh, she wants better, logical, linear, better Left - Brain Grammatical, proper English, pronunciation, etc. etc. Hahahaha... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Guys, this is not what she wants... She wants Right Brain Communication. This is what we call, She says A. but he hears B. Logical. :) I had a client who had his masters is Communication and another Masters in Psychology and he just couldn't' seem to understand women at all. So when I told him that women are looking for a better form of communication, he was stunned and said, "Well, then I should be great with women, I have a Masters in communication." I immediately began to start laughing, because that is literally the opposite form of communication that she is looking for! And after a few more sessions he clearly began to learn this from of Right Brain, Internal Communication that turns women on powerfully! OH yeah!!! Here's another funny thing. When women say they want men who are more in tune with their emotions, men assume logically of course, hahahaha, that she wants him to Be Emotional and cry and whine and stuff like that... hahaha... Nothing could be further from the truth! She is simply saying, learn how to speak my language so I can relate to you and your emotions. In other words, she doesn't' want you to be a cry baby and become Mr. Feminine Emotional at all... She wants you to learn how to communicate in this right brain language, in a way that she can connect with mentally and emotionally so she can relate to what you are feeling. Because women simply can not relate or even realize when men are expressing their emotions at all, period! You could be Angry or feeling powerful or feeling really calm, cool and down to earth, but if you express your anger or Power in the male "Push Energy" way, she looks at you like, "What is he trying to express?" So stop the cry baby stuff already! Sheesh and learn how to speak and communicate in this mentally stimulating and more emotionally fulfilling language that women love and understand. Thus my course is called "LOVE and UNDERSTANDING!" Ladies and Gentlemen, we are simply different, that is all. Now we finally have the answers to understanding, relating to and turning on the opposite sex in a way that they really, really like that leaves them feeling Whole, complete and very emotionally fulfilled and truly loved. Paying for roses does not make a women feel Loved Emotionally at all. So right now, Call Us and Come take our courses to learn how to Love a women with all your heart and soul so she can feel Loved in the way she needs!!! SEMINAR DATES HERE: GIVE US A CALL NOW AND RESERVE YOUR SEAT: 415 456 8558
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