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See the Patterns of Life, Romance, Love, Seduction and Power!!!

Find Your Power in the Patterns of Life, Romance, Love and Seduction Power!!! 

Crack The Female Code eBook | How to Meet, Attract and Keep the Girl of your Dreams!

Crack The Female Code | How to Discover the Patterns to Happiness, Success & Power in Life, Business, Relationships & More...

I have studied Psychology, human behavior, NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, The Bible like my life depended on it for over 3 decades, Linguistics, Communication, Biology, Fighting, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Football, music, guitar, piano, classical guitar, key progressions, music theory, art, speaking to a crowd, etc. and a whole to more... Over the last 25 + years I have coached professional fighters, athletes, business men, business women, and coached thousands of people on understanding human behavior and how to make the most of the Patterns.

The more I coach and teach and learn the more I see the Core Concrete Pattern of all patterns! Over the years, the patterns have become so obvious it's not even funny! It doesn't matter if we are talking about sales or sports or picking up on women or saving your marriage! They are the same, exact Core Patterns no matter where you look or what you are doing. And once you see's these patterns, you begin to get better and better at life, business, Sales, Dating, Relationships and whatever you are doing in life!

Life is one Big Pattern in Love, Relationships, work and sports and more... 

The sooner you see the Patterns or Major Pattern of life the sooner you will begin to advance in your Career, Sport, Life or get really good at Picking up on Women and Understanding women for Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction.

When I was in college, the Football coach, the Defensive Coordinator technically, was talking to me in the gym about a game we played last year in our championship season.

He was talking about a very specific play. And was very impressed about how the other teams offensive line shifted in a specific play. And he basically was telling me how this guy stutter stepped which allowed the offensive lineman to pull which meant the quarterback had to do a 3 step drop, look, and the other line men this and that and the running back this and that, and how the Tight-end did this... That's how I knew we had to run the chop block set to defend against them and that's why we won...

So I said, "How in the hell could you possibly see all that movement in one play that fast in real time without a playback?"

He said, "What? I didn't see all of that? But what I did see was this and that which meant by the rules, this guy had to do this and that guy had to do this which forces the wide received to do this, etc. etc. etc...

I said, "How could you possibly know all that without seeing it?" He said, "Well, haven't you noticed in everything there are a few core basic patterns all based off of one Bigger Pattern? Based on the rules, the line can only do 3 to 5 different things on every given play and the way they line up, etc.,..

I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Ok, let's take science" and he began to go into a very descriptive explanation of a few core things; about seeing the patterns.

And I had to admit, what he said made a lot of sense, because at this point in my life I was just starting to see the patterns of mother nature and science and how there are different strategies you can employ in boxing. I was beginning to see some basic patterns in fighting at this point in time.

Over the last 2 decades, as I began to see the patterns in Coaching and helping people to make huge life shifts, I also began teaching Male to Female communication. And this is what taught me to see the Patterns, not only of picking up on and Seducing women fast, but also Life, business and sales!!! And how to Save a Marriage and Bring back that Strong Bond from Love and Warmth  and Happiness!! And creating a relationship you both want to be in. Not because you want to be in a relationship, but because you want to be with that person so badly because they are your heart and soul and everything you desire in your best friend and lover!!!

Now, here's the Interesting thing. When a man learns not only "HOW TO SEE"  a woman's or women's unconscious patterns in being stimulated, attracted and turned on and what it is that triggers her, he begins to immediately see how to apply these same teachings to Sales, Business and simply having conversations with people in life!



Yes, it all is within these 2 words or this phrase! Everything, From every molecule and electron to the Moon, the earth, sun and the planets and further... Yes, even picking up on women, understanding and Loving women, making her feel complete and emotionally fulfilling, creating the type of connection that was meant from the heavens! Yes, this same understanding applies directly to sales, even sports and fighting... Internal and External Together as one! This is Life!

Everything exists on this one pattern, everything, including the Internet.

Let me show you what it is. It's the very essence of Christ's Teachings and Buddha's Teachings!

You Breath in! You Breath out!

Water flows in, water flow out!

Water comes out of your faucet and goes back inside the sink!

You eat food, food goes in, then goes out!

The Tide Rolls in and the Tide Roll out!

"There is an "Internal and External" Flow Pattern to EVERYTHING!!!"

Then entire cycle of water, lakes, rain, precipitation is one big cycle of water coming down from the skies, filling the lakes and rivers and then eventually going back up into the sky and coming back down!

The internet is all about Zero's and Ones.

Your Heart Beats Blood into your heart then out of your heart, then cycles all the way back around and comes in and goes back out, repeat!

Now let's talk about Communication.

I remember about 7 years a Buddhist Monk From Laos told me, "you have to give as much as you get in communication. It's just like Breathing! You Breath in! Then you Breath out! It's the same with communication."

He said, "When you talk, you communicate outwards so they can receive. Then you listen to Understand and Receive their Communication. It's not just a one way communication."

At this stage in my Growth I was really working on


So I just sat there and was listening to the Monk... I said very little if anything... And he told me, "Communication is not just one way! You have to also give so they can understand you as well."

See, most people talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk... And they almost never understand the other person at all...

One of the Core things that most people need to work on is "LISTENING TO UNDERSTAND!"

And what this simply means, is to quiet the mind completely and Listen to understand them and what they are communicating to you! But most people think  about what they are going to say next. Or they are trying to figure out what that person is going to say next or whatever...

Simply learn to take a deep breath and listen to receive their communication completely and fully! This is how you listen to understand them. And then it's your turn to do your best to Communicate "What you understood" in a way that they can understand what you understood as well you...

See, most people simply Assume what someone is saying, and from that point forward they are Generalizing everything that person is saying by filtering it through that Assumption of what they already think they are saying.

So ultimately what are we talking about? We are talking about what Yin & Yang truly mean. Male and Female Energy Combined to Flow together as ONE! This is Love!

Now Male to Female Communication is just that! It's him Learning how to Communicate in the Right Female Brain's language so she can "FINALLY" Truly Receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment from him!

This is what women want from Men!

Because this Triggers her Mating System and Powerfully Turns her on Sexually Because this is the man to Mate with!!! 

Most men think the way men think, "EXTERNALLY". Money, cars, jewelry, roses, expensive dinners!! All of this is External Stuff... male external brain stuff!

The Female Brain is the Internal Brain and Highly Desires "Mental Stimulation and Emotional Fulfillment!" This is what women want from men!!!

Learn how to do this and you Empower yourself in relationships AND you Empower her and the Relationship!

Now we have effective, clear communication and Romantic Love!!!

Now we have OPEN! Yes, OPEN!!! Now Communication Channels and Emotional Channels are Wide Open! The Doorway to Deeper, clearer communication has released and let go!

Once a man learns how to "Let Go" in this way and Open up there is a synergistic energy that is released into the relationship and suddenly there is More energy that builds for the Relationship.

Most relationships are not connected in the right way and thus there is an energy drain and exhaustion or combustible Explosion!

Crack The Female Code | Flow Chart with stick figures of man and woman

Flow in Relationships is now Possible!

If you look at this one chart, notice the left stick figure in blue. The male Symbol is exactly like the male's head here.  A circle with an Arrow going off to the right.

What I do is teach men how to first connect with women mentally through this form of mentally stimulating communication that eventually opens women up to go "INTERNAL" to open up to her heart and emotions and connect with him on a heart to heart level through a deeper form of "Right Brain" communication that I have to teach to him so she can receive his true heartfelt emotional love that fills her heart with Emotional Fulfillment!

This is What she wants from You = EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT!!!!

Once she receives this emotional fulfillment from him she will willingly open up to you and connects with you sexually! And then you Receive you "Emotional Fulfillment through sex/orgasm! Meaning that all relaxing, no worries feeling where you just want to fall asleep!

See guys the same emotional feeling and release you receive from Sex is what she wants through communication.

See, women can not open up  and receive deep, emotional fulfilling experience through sex alone! She has a pattern!

Are you ready? Here's another pattern! It's the Same Pattern! "INTERNAL".

Here's what I mean...

#1 First she must connect with you mentally, mind to mind, forehead to forehead in this language! She doesn't have a choice. She is "LITERALLY" Wired, hard wired this way to connect with you first in this way. Just like you Car is wired the way it's wired!!! She can't change it! It's physically, literally "NOT" Possible for her to change this!!!!

#2 Then she can open up Emotionally from her heart to your heart!!! After she receive Emotional Fulfillment through the "HIDDEN" Language, she receives Deep Emotional Fulfillment, the same exact feeling you get after having sex!!! That deep, complete relaxing full bodied warmth, love and feeling all over her body like yours as well... then...

#3 She can and will open up sexually to connect with you to make love to you! And to truly connect and to "GET TO KNOW YOU" on a much deeper level than words could ever express!!!

And thus you opened up to your heart and received that full body emotionally fulfilling and relaxing feelings and experiences!!!

So she goes #1 Forehead to forehead. Then #2 heart to heart! Then #3 Groin to Groin!

  • This is the "Internal Female Way!"
Now you go #1 Groin to Groin! Then After you have an orgasm, you open up to your right brain and connect to your heart and feel Loved and good all over!!! And then usually go to sleep... And thus she never receives her deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connection with you. She is left empty feeling all alone with you in bed right next to her!!! Simply sad.  


This is the Core Life Pattern



Here's another one... Women also communicate in this "Internal, receiving and external giving language combined!

 This is Real Communication!!!  

This is Real Communication!!!

Learn how to Communicate in the Internal Say A. but Mean B. Language of Romantic Love and Deeper, Spiritual Understanding of Life, Self, Love, God, Universe!

Right Brain Left Brain Chart of the Corpus Callosum Chart from Training Manual.


Right Brain Left Brain Chart Corpus Collosum

"This is Communication and Understanding to a woman!"  

This is Love to a Woman!

There's a Better way to Save your marriage, meet the girl of your Dreams and have a lot of fun dating, learning and experiencing life!!!

So Come learn how to


And Win at the Game of Life!! 

  Bless you All...


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!!



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