How to Make Her Chase You | Dating Tips for Men

Make Her Chase You | Dating Tips for Men

You only Get 1 Chance at this Life!

So live life to the Fullest and Enjoy it! 

This song Brings me back to the early, earl 2000's til around 2015 or so... 

Life was soooooooooooo Fun!!!

I have lived such a full life Boxing and Kickboxing and Winning on the National Level and traveling a lot! I have met and trained with World Champions and studied under the Masters in Multiple arts from Fighting to NLP, Hypnosis and also Jumped from Planes in the Airborne Infantry!

I have fought and won! I have fought and lost! But mostly I won! I did all of this at a very early age in life! Then I realized there was one area of life I have never entertained.

Like everything I have done I fully and completely dove in head first and gave it my all and came out on top having the blast of a life time!

Pickup Artist, Love and Romance and Ultimately Communication and Understanding Days!

What did I do?

How did this happen? 

I took 12 years of studying NLP, Psychology, Hypnosis, Timeline therapy, Energy Healing and Communication and focused it, like a Lazer Beam, on How to Meet and Understand Women!

And what I uncovered has changed the World! 

There's actually a way to meet, Attract and Love women in a way that is Honest, fun, playful and enjoyable! You can keep your respect, integrity and she gets to keep her heart intact and know she is dealing with a Master and a Gentlemen! 

Love and Communication with women does not have to be confusing or terrifying anymore! All you have to do is learn how! 

I took everything I had and focused it in solely on "HOW!!!"

How do I meet women?

How do I learn how to go to the the Clubs in the Big City and interact?

How do I overcome my fear of all the lights, cool people and sexy women with those sweet smiles? Wow! 

How do I talk to women at a club who are surrounded by all these rich and famous guys?

How do I get her back to my place or at least get a number?

How do I get her to go out with me on a date?

How do I talk to her once I do get her on a date? I can't talk to women??? 

How do I Romance her in a way she wants to be with me cuz she's really cute?

And if I dare ask, "How do I Romantically Seduce her in a way we can connect physically?" 

I went from the Guy who had no clue to the Guy that Taught the Clue of all Clues that No one else has ever touched! 

I came out on Top!! I WON!!!

Best thing I ever did in my life! Best thing Ever!!!! Now I am Happy, Enjoy Life and have a smile on my face every day! No! Life is not perfect but Damn it's Fucking Awesome Now!!

All I am saying is get out there and Go for it!

And listen to Amazing Music like this!

This music is a Celebration of Life, Love and the Challenges we have along the journey of this Mystical and Mysterious experience we call "life!"

You Can Win at Life You know!!

I Love you all...

Please find a way to Enjoy your life while you are here!

See you soon at a training or coaching Session!


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