Super Bowl LIII Champion Tom Brady with Wife Gisele Bundchen in Silver Tuxedo

Relationship Killer | How to Save your Marriage Like Tom Brady

Save your Marriage by doing what Tom Brady does.

 I just read an article about 6 or 7 hours ago on Yahoo about an Interview they were doing of Gisele Bundchen Recently. And she mentioned how Tom Brady is more into Fashion than she is. 

And Gisele mentioned how Tom never asks her for fashion tips. How he only asks what she is wearing so he can match with her. 

Now why is this important?

Because the female brain has a system or program to socialize children because it's absolutely vital for children to have proper / Good social skills because without social skills you simply can't get ahead in life and thus her offspring will not thrive.

It's build into / hard wired into women to Highly value social skills because they are what get us ahead in life and give us a good quality life financially and socially and in other areas where we deal with and work with other humans! 

When it comes to men, social skills simply are a challenge and most men simply don't have them and are very poor at using social skills to the point they don't even realize it!

Thus if you ask her for Fashion tips as in what to wear, what hair cut to get and or what job to have, it triggers her mating system to TURN OFF!!! 

So if you are married or in a long term relationship, this will be and is a Relationship Killer!!! 

This is one of the worse things you can do to kill your relationship. 

 Watch the video and learn exactly what I mean!

My tip for you: is to either ask another female you know has good fashion sense or to hire someone! But do not let your wife or girlfriend to pick out your clothes, hair style or fashion for you!

I believe this was the article I was reading but the link is broken. But who knows, maybe they will discover this and fix it by the time you click on it. Again I am not 100% sure if this was the exact article because right now the link is broken:

Gisele Bundchen Swears Tom Brady cares about fashion more than she does

 Here's another shorter article but not the same one I read: 

Tom Brady Cares more about Fashion than Gisele Bundchen

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