NLP & Hypnosis have changed my Life

Ran over by Car 7 Years ago! Today Building my Business to Success!

Yes, you Read that Correct. I was ran over by a car and left for dead 7 years ago. Sure, it took a lot of time and effort but it's all paying off now! 

And yes, I am in a Lot of Pain but when you want something, Success calls and pulls you through all the pain.

Probably one of the Hardest parts of being successful is Believing you can do it! Believing in yourself is Key. But there is a Key that is more Powerful. 

That key is Called Desire! How Badly do you want it. Desire will pull you through no matter what because it is "The Key" of all Keys. It's the Master Key to Happiness & Success. 

Let me tell you one thing I have learned through all my success's and Championship wins in sports. NEVER GIVE UP! You have to Plow through. And I mean "Literally" Plow through, make yourself get up and Plow forward in Life!

Persistence & Determination are the Keys to Everything in Life!

My Doctor told me after the first 2 years, "Accept it. This is your life. Your life will never be the same again. You are not going to be who you were before the accident. You're never going to work again. This is your Life Now!" 

That day in his office I Was slurring my words, I was punch Drunk from the head injury. I couldn't remember anything more than 2 minutes or even less. I was repeating my stories and what I just said to people over and over and over. 

I remember Inside thinking, saying to myself, "This isn't my Life! I Will get better and I will Be Successful again." I just knew inside, "I was going to get better and get back on Track again!"

And I did! My Doctor was right about 1 thing though when he said, "You're life will never be the same again." And you know what? He's right.... 


I Had no Clue how much Better my Life was going to bet after that Accident. Oh don't get me wrong. The First 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 years were a nightmare. I struggled daily with the pain and suffering with just functioning and carrying a conversation. It was Awful beyond anything I had ever gone through before and I have been through a Lot!! 

The Persistence and Determination the Discipline to take it 1 day at a time, 1 step at a time, "Literally" gave me, over time the focus and determination and Heart to keep moving forward no matter what Life throws at me.

All I am saying, is no matter where you are at right now. You can take 1 simple, tiny step to move forward a tiny bit. And when you get there, take 1 tiny little step gain and move forward 1 millimeter or centimeter. 

No Matter where you are at in life you can improve, even if it's a tiny, tiny, tiny little bit. And that is the Key!! That is the Master Key! 

If all you do is take 1 super tiny little step and once you get there, even if it takes a month or more, then you take the next step, that's how you climb the mountain.

You can Change you're life if you do this 1 thing and Never Give up!

Today is a Celebration of How far I have come.

Here is a Video of me and some pictures from Yesterday in San Francisco. I am sharing this because I am in such a Great mood that I just wanted to share Great Energy with you and show you,

"If I can Do it, So Can You"

Having a Great Business Day & Shopping day in San Francisco. 
Getting New Suits and Shirts and Slacks!! Life is Good!

I came back from one of the most horrific things that can happen to a person.
If I can come back this much and change my life, Then So Can You!!!

Strength & Determination are Built through Hard Work & Determination

Success is 1 Step Away

You can find your happiness once again and enjoy life!

You Can Change your life!

Find your Happiness Within


Find your Happiness is Within


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My Life is really turning around and business is picking up!


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