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Please, Live your Best Life!! | Succeed in Life, Love and Relationships!

You Deserve it!! Do not wait for someone else to save you or fix you! Take immediate and consistent action in healing, therapy or learning how to run or build a business. Regardless of what you want to do, be or heal "You Can Do it!!!"

I Know!!!! I was ran over by a car 10 years ago and left for dead. Nobody helped me!! Not 1 single person.... no one came to the hospital, no one checked on me at home. I had to some how stay alive... The hospital told me while I was strapped down in the back board and head brace that I would be in the hospital for 60 days and after that they would make an evaluation of how long they would keep me for up to 4 more weeks or longer... I cried and said I just wanted to sleep in my own bed...

The Next morning they woke me up, put me in a wheel chair and left me at home alone... No they should not have done that. I am not sure what happened or why they did that...

I didn't wake up for 5 days or so... struggled to the bathroom and sucked up water from the sink as much as I could until I passed out... I woke up a few days later and got more water in me.,.. struggled to the kitchen and ate what little food I could get in me...

Nobody I called came to my aid, not my mother, sister, friends, no one!!!!

How I am alive to this day is INSANE!!!!

LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! Fuck anyone who is not there for you!!!! this is YOUR LIFE!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Listen to the Music and it will inspire you!!!

I Love you! I salute you! I know life is not easy at all.... Be Stronger than Life! Be stronger than you have ever ever been!!! Succeed! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Find a way! Create a way! Either way make your Life the most Awesome life you could ever make!!!!

Life is going to Kick your Ass!!! I guarantee it!!! So get back up 100 times harder each and every time and Kick life's ass 100 times harder than it kicked your ass!!!

Make life your "Bitch!!!"

You are the King Here!!
You are the Queen Here!!


This is all on you!!! So Grab Ahold and take charge of your life and Make it Happen!!!

God Damn it!!! Yes You Can!!!! 💕

Sincerely with all the Best Wishes in my Heart to you forever and always,

Mike Kollin

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