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Tonight, a very very good client of mine wrote to me and asked me what I thought about this or that technique. Here's what I wrote:               I want to curse, I want to scream, I want to shout... She is a human! She is screaming out for Love!!!!!!!! She already wants you!!!! She desperately needs you!!!!! Mark, forget all of these damn lines and openers and stop analyzing this shit! You are a Caveman!                                                                                                                                                   And she is a Cave girl...You are a man and she is a girl... Now follow your heart and go get her... she needs you... What I mean is, she is a beautiful, sweet, sensitive and very scared girl... now go over there and help her, love her, be with her...
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You already know what to do... you really do.... I bet if you forgot every single line, every trick, etc. all of a sudden you would meet more girls than you could possibly handle...   She is a beautiful, sweet, cute girl who has a heart and a soul and gets horny...   Find her! Find her... NOooooo... I don't mean physically find her. I mean when you see a girl, your #1 goal should be to genuinely get to know her! And then just have fun with her... read her, notice if she is scared, notice if she is happy... NOTICE!!!! Then go from there... She is already telling you what to do! Just notice her... See, how I figured this out, was after going out 5 to 7 nights a week, every single week for 3 years, I got sooooooo fucking burned out on techniques and openers that I said fuck it... I didn't use a single god damn technique... nothing... I just couldn't' give a shit... And then it happened... If a girl was a bitch, i would walk away... If I met a girl and I just didn't' feel it, I would walk away... then it really happened. I noticed that I would just click with some girls more than others. Some girls I really vibed with and really got along with... I don't' know why and I just don't' give a fuck. And that's what these pickup artists are not teaching you... They don't know it, but over time they just got really good unconsciously at approaching girls they vibed with... See, I some of the things i figured out and analyzed or even learned from a pickup artist book, I realized, I use to do this when I was a lot younger... When I was in middle school, I put all the moves on the girls but didn't consciously know what I was doing at all... I just followed my gut instinct... All I know was that I liked a certain girl and I wanted to be with her... I would lean back against the wall, reach around her ass, down her panties, then finger her.... Or I would be in bed, and for some reason, instinctively I knew not to go directly for the vagina from the front... So I slowly went around the back and she seemed to just go with it, so I fingered her indirectly from around her rear.... See, that's "INDIRECT!" If you would start tor realize, #1 all of this stuff, you instinctively know what to do... just follow your cock, it always knows... I am serious... Just follow your gut instinct... it really does know! If you really Love her, you will put so much energy into being aware and noticing the subtlest cues from her body... #2 See the basic core patterns and it will be sooooooo simple!!! Get it... Like: Internal:  Be Internal: Internal Awareness, Internal language, etc. Indirect Double pictures A means B. = flirting, sexual Cat and Mouse, = push and pull but being Neutral is 20 times more powerful, it's the ultimate cat and mouse challenge for her at all times... Bro, I just simplified the fuck out of the Game! But, if you like, you can go pay more money and memorize a thousand more techniques.. hahaha... But, I do admit, some of them are really fun... but, they take time, effort and money! So you have to ask yourself, what is your true purpose in wanting to learn more and more and more..? It sounds to me that you have already bought a lot of pickup books and courses. Start to notice what you develop on your own... Like one night I noticed this really pretty middle eastern girl, very feminine and petite, about 5'4" was walking out alone. And she was a bit let down, almost sad... And then it dawned on me. She was so feminine, classy and attractive that most guys in the club probably were terrified to approach her. And she was thinking that she wasn't attractive... So, from the bottom, top and whole entire of my heart, I simply walked up to her to help her. I said, "Wow!" It must be really hard?" And I said it with absolutely sincerity and genuineness and feeling, literally feeling her pain!!! And she looked at me, and said, "What must be hard?" And I said, "To be so Beautiful... I bet it intimidates a lot of guys?" Her light went back on and she lit up in such a beautiful way... She smiled, yet almost cried and said, "Thank you!" I just gave her a hug and  held her for a moment and said, "The reason the guys didn't approach you, is because they are intimidated by your beauty! But that's actually a good thing. it gets rid of the riff raff... So only the real, genuine and confident men approach you to meet you because they genuinely want to get to know you for who you are within... You know, the real you!" I sent her off to her friends who were watching through the window at the Matrix and said, "Your knight in shining armor will come! I promise you that! You will be glad you didn't' meet any of these guys tonight, because, he's on his way..." See, that's what Life and Love is all about... Make people happy, love people make them feel beautiful and wanted... You approach life like this and you will live the greatest life on the planet and have women fawn for you... without saying a word. No Mark, not a single thing I said to that girl was made up or memorized or contrived, it just was there... I spoke from my heart... I new she needed to be loved in that moment... she needed for someone to express to her in the way that she could understand and receive that I see her Beautiful light within.... See the light within Mark! Because she is a human and has a heart and soul... and so do you! You are a Good man! And you deserve the best... I Truly wish I knew where she was, she would be perfect for you. Because you are a Knight in Shining Armor. You are not a little boy! You are a man amongst boys! Be the man she has always desired... be her Romantic Hero! Melt her heart with your words alone... Speak from your heart... and just have fun! Sincerely, Mike Kollin - The Love Doctor Your Love and Communication Expert CaveMan Technologies 415 456 8558
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