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Step into your Power | Beyond Seduction Power!

A lot of people want More Power!

So you want Power? Well, you can have More Power! It's a lot Easier than you Think! And I will Show you how, Teach you how and Condition this into your Nervous System using NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and other Modalities I am trained in! Ready?

A lot of my clients are shocked and surprised at what my course is really all about.  Every Great Teacher, from Buddha to Jesus, etc., have spoken and taught these teachings to the masses! Yet they are hidden from the Left Male Brain. We want you to Have Power, Your Power!!

These are the Lost Teachings from Long ago! And they are all here for you to rediscover! Our entire life's journey is to remember who we truly are and to finally STEP BACK INTO OUR POWER!

These are lost teachings that will show you how to literally Step into your Power! You sincerely and literally are Powerful Beyond Belief. So many people hold themselves back, literally hold the door to their power closed! I say throw caution to the wind, learn how to Step back into your Power and Live an Awesome Life!! In this blog I will only give you a few tips on what Power truly is and maybe a few ways to access more of it!

#1 Most people think power is Muscle Power or Ego Power or technically Push Energy!



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Sure, Lifting weights, knowing how to fight is a Form of Power but a very limited form of power! I was a highly trained fighter, martial arts since I was 4 years old, national champion in fight sports, #1 Rankings in Kickboxing, State Champion in Boxing, Football, wrestling, etc. etc.

As I look back to high school, college or my mid 20's, it was clear that I had very Limited Power and I couldn't get what I wanted out of life! And I was already a State Silver Gloves Boxing Champion, 2 time Northern California Wrestling Champion, Straight A Student and I benched Pressed 315 Pounds and Dead Lifted 590 Pounds! I was a Beast yet over time it became very, very distinctly clear that I had very little Power in Society, Life and Money!

It was because the Form of "WHAT I THOUGHT" was Power was not Power at all and was actually closing the door to real power! But I didnt' know it! What I thought was Power was Closing me off to Greater Power!

And that's the First question you have to ask yourself! So, you have worked hard. You have dedicated yourself to a profession or skill set, etc. Maybe gotten a degree, 2 or even 3 degrees... Ok, fine, Great! But!!!

Did you get the results you truly desired?

Do you truly have what you want in your life?

Ask yourself right now:

#1 What were the Results you Desired

#2 What did you get?

I have found that most men in my courses simply will not be honest and honestly answer this question! I have to do everything in my Power to get them to stand up, look themselves in the Mirror and be 100% Honest with themselves on where they are at in their lives!

The #1 thing that is keeping you from truly Being Powerful is not truly 100% being Honest with yourself on #1 what you wanted and worked so hard for and #2 what you got!!

If you Do this one thing you will Get Greater and Greater Results over time in your life!

The Male Brain is so God Damn Linear and is soooooo GREAT at what it does best, "Staying Focused on the target that it simply will not veer of path even if it's not getting the results that it desires! It might take some men decades to finally admit what they are doing is simply not working!!

It's like Launching a Missile Attack and once that Missile Locks on there's no turning back! Target Acquired! We have Lock!

On the One hand it's a Great Tool to Stay on Track "UNTIL" you Succeed! That is very, very good the Lazer Beam Focus can take you their!

But it's also your Worst Enemy! But it doesn't have to be!

See this Linear, Logical, Lazer Beam system can get stuck on a line like a railroad tracks where you can't veer off even when you know you need to! What it does is Blind you to truth and reality! It literally narrows your vision and mental vision to stay on Target even if the target has moved or changed!

 Seduction Power | Dating tips for men

 What's Worse, Some Men don't or Can't See there's a Better Way over there!

In Every Sport I ever did, I began winning when after I launched an Attack then took a step back mentally and physically so I could see the Bigger Picture! 

And this my friends is what The Core Piece of all my Courses are all about! You have to take a step back and see the Real life results! And that is your Right Brain! The Right Brain is the Bigger Picture Brain! It can open up and see the Bigger Picture giving you Reality of what's really going on v.s what you want to Believe!

And this is where a lot of men get all messed up! They can't see the Bigger Picture! Worse! They are so locked into their Left, Logical Brain they don't even know there is something Much Greater that can see the Bigger Picture and help them make adjustments to create Much Greater Happiness and Success! 

Crack the Female Code is much more than a Get Laid Fast Course! It's the #1 Hidden Secret Mother Nature Purposely Hid from the Male Brain! The Male who learns how to Open up to this Key begins to Gain the Keys to his Castle of Happiness, Love and Success in every Area of Life! 

So the Question is!!!!



Then Stop and Come Learn something that has been Hidden From You!


What I am talking about is your Right Brains' Power!!

This is where Conan The Barbarian was completely and totally Defeated. When he aged a Bit and Sat on the Throne in the Thinking Position! He Realized there had to be a Better Way at War, Life and Winning the Heart of his Love! And he Found it!

Click on Conan the Barbarian and Find Your Power

Open your Mind and Step into Your Power | Beyond Seduction

Look Within and Find your Power

Mike Kollin



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