Strongbow Stadium Kickboxing Arena Bakersfield California

One of the Scariest Fight Arena's I fought in was at Strongbow Stadium

StrongBow Stadium Kickboxing Fight Arena Bakersfield California
A little bit of History!
One of the Scariest Fight events I fought in was at Strongbow stadium in Bakersfield California! The Arena itself was intimidating! It was way outside of the City, out in the country, and once you walked in, it went down into a Pit! I felt my heart drop when they opened the doors to the arena! It was a Gladiator arena for sure!
I can not explain how intimidating this entire fight venue was let alone the fighter I was going against! They changed the rules literally minutes before the fight and we found out the opponent lied about his record. I had 5 or 6 fights at the time he had over 50! I decided to fight anyways! Best Decision of my life!

This is Boyd Murphy and his Coach Eric Nolan

IKF Fighter Boyd Murphy with Trainer Eric Nolan | Strongbow Stadium IKF Kickboxing

 Note: I did not fight Boyd! This is just an image of him at Strongbow Stadium!

I won by Knockout in the 2nd Round. It was one of my Greatest Accomplishments because I was Terrified yet somehow Fought my Best Fight against an opponent who was way better than me with a lot more fights!
And once the opponent found out I had never fought with leg kicks he demanded we fight with leg kicks. Funny thing is, I out fought him in Leg Kicks by far! It stunned him how good I was at Leg Kicks. His eyes shot wide open after I threw a few leg kicks on him! I knew the fight was on at that point!
I knocked him down in the first round, the ref gave stopped the fight to give him a break 2 more times in the first round. And in the 2nd round I knocked him out cold!

Note: the Ref Stopped the fight 3 times in the first round to give my opponent a break to save him from getting knocked out! This is illegal. He was supposed to give him a standing 8 count, which he did not. He just stopped the fight, sent me to the white corner and gave him a few seconds to clear his head.
3 stops in a round by 8 count is considered a knockout! 

Jacob Stitch Duran #1 Cutman in MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing

Cut Man, MMA Trainer Jacob Stitch Duran
Jacob Stitch Duran was my Cut man and Coach. And Mike Doran my sparring partner was in my corner along with my moms boyfriend Mike Slocum...
Remember, in all sincerity, Life isn't all Rainbows and Sunshine! Sometimes you have to Stand up and Kick ass!! Sincerely!
Good Luck everyone!
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