"On Wings of God's They Flew unto the land of Milk & Honey" - Awaken to Your Power

"On Wings of God's They Flew unto the land of Milk & Honey"

"On Wings of God's They Flew unto the land of Milk & Honey"

For the God's put men unto Slumber to Sleep for Generations only to Awaken them unto Love. For these are the ways of the Gods.

I am not sure if you just found my blog or if you are already subscribed. Either way, let me tell you this, there is a way to Bring Actual Love & Harmony back into a Relationship that has gone stale or the Love seemingly has disappeared.

And that way is by understanding the Female Code. 

Yes, there is a Code to Melting her Heart and Understanding What Love means to a woman. It's the most Beautiful and Powerful Experience you will Ever Have in a Relationship with the Opposite Sex! 

So you say you want to understand women? You want to Love Women? You want to be close to her?

You're sinking, you are struggling to Swim! You are struggling to simply understand what she is saying let alone how to Love her!

It seems no matter what you do, it only angers her or leaves her bewildered and lost even more to who you are as a man, a human, a spirit!

She Desperately needs, wants and desires for you to OPEN YOUR HEART!!!!  

You say, "But my Heart is Open!" 

From the Heavens Above on Wings of Angels, I SHOUT Down Unto you, "NO!!! Your Heart is Not Open! You are not Open! She Can not, with all her heart and soul, even notice your Love, let alone Receive your Love in the way that you offer your Love!!!!" 

She Shouts, She Cries, she Falls Completely Apart in Desperate need of Feeling your Love within her heart and soul... yet with all her desperation, Crying, Yelling, Screaming, She is Not Loved... 

Inside she Cries, "Why won't he Love me? Why won't he Love me???????"

I Shout unto her, "For he does Love you!!!! And he is Desperately trying to Reach you with his Love!!! For he Can Not Love you in the Male, "EXTERNAL" way for that is his way of showing, expressing Love!" 

He knows not that he needs to learn how to Love her in the "INTERNAL" WAY!!!! 


She Rises up! She See's the sky once again! She Cries out to the Gods, "Yes, Yes, this is what I Cry out for! "INTERNAL LOVE", the Internal way!!!! Are you the God of Love? Do you know The Answer? Please God! Will you Show him how to Love me in the Way I need to Be Loved? Please, Please!!!!!!" 

"Yes, I am the God of Love! For I shall show unto him the ways of the Woman's Mind and Heart so he shall know how to Love her in the "Internal", Female's Right Brain way! For this shall Open him up to his Right, Emotional Brain so he can Love you by Stimulating your mind and giving you what you Truly, Sincerely Desire more than Life itself, for this is why you are here! I shall show him How to Give you EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT!!! I shall Show him how to Connect with you on the Deepest, Deepest Levels of Love and Emotional Fulfillment that shall Fill you up with all his Love and leave you both feeling Whole and Complete and at one! 

For there are God's! For there are Heavens! And for you, "THERE IS LOVE!!!" 

There is No Other Course on the Planet like this.... 

From Blindness they Come! From the Blind they Followed. From Blindness they taught the Blind. 

Come into the Light and See how Beautiful Love is. Now you can Know Love From Within You!!!  

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