On my 3rd divorce...

I came to Michael simply because I was on my 3rd divorce and yet, I still didn't want to listen to any experts. I was your typical male. Very successful with 3 masters degrees, 1 in psychology and another in communications, all from Ivy League schools. When I first met Mike, I thought, what could this young man possibly teach me? I was stubborn and didn't want to listen. Mike caught on to that immediately and he cracked down on me yet got my attention by his words and the way he spoke from his heart! Mike Kollin Really cares and knows what he's talking about! He's the Expert's expert in his field and he knows it! I believe Mike Kollin will be speaking at Major Universities and on Tony Robbins circuit very soon! This man has a lot to teach the world! Sal C. Successful Businessman San Francisco Ca. and South America
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