Oklahoma's Girls Championship Softball Team | Player on Base Yelling

Oklahoma's Girls Championship Softball Team | Stand up and Be Strong

Oklahoma's Girls NCAA I National Champions Girl on Base

I wish I learned this when I was a kid!!

No matter how succesful I was in sports, school and life there was always someone trying to tell me to relax, calm down! I wish I would have told them to "SHUT THE FUK UP!!"

Losers will always tell winners to slow down, relax, take a day off or be quiet! The way you handle that is get more Intense, Yell Louder and Get in thier face like it's nobodies business so they learn you are not to be messed with!
This is the #1 Mistake Empaths and kind people make to these Negative, Low life Narcissists who do everything they can to destroy your Happiness, Life and Success!!

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