Now is The Perfect Time to Make your Dreams Happen!! Winning / Success!!

Now is The Perfect Time to Make your Dreams Happen!! Winning / Success!! "There will never be a perfect time in your life to make your Dreams Happen and come true! NOW! Right Now is the perfect time!! There will never, ever be a perfect time! That my friend is The Illusion!!! Because Now!! Right now has always been and always will be the perfect time to get up off your ass and make it happen!!! Start digging! Start Moving!! Start getting things done and make it happen! You can not wait for your mother, father or family or even your best friends to make your dreams happen, because they won't make it happen! In fact, odds are they may not even support you in your dreams, because they are not their dreams!!! This is your Dream! This is your life!! You have to live your life!! And you can't wait another moment!! Do not Wait!! Get up off your ass and start taking Massive Action and get things done!! Comfort: Screw Comfort! Stop waiting for things to be perfect and comfortable! In fact get use to being uncomfortable. NO!! Enjoy being uncomfortable!! Use that Hurt, Use that Pain for you to push you to Drive you, to Motivate and Inspire you!!! You have to lift yourself up and get off your ass to make your dreams come true!! That's what she is looking for in you! And that is what you should be looking for in yourself each and every day!!! Those who are waiting for perfection are living a LIE!!! It's not real… there is no perfect, perfection on this planet!!! And that's the way it should be… THE CHAOS IS THE PERFECTION OF LIFE!!! It's supposed to be ugly, confusing and even hysterical… it's like Riding a wave… The wave is going to do what it's going to do… it will never be the Perfect Wave!! Your job is to Carve and  Ride that Wave of life!!! TO FEEL THAT WAVE!!! To Anticipate, to take chances, to simply GO FOR IT!!! So Get up!! Ride that Wave of life with every shift and move that it makes and simply go with it, because the Wave of life is going to go where it is going to go! Period!!! You are the Artist of your life. And you know what? You know what??? It is your job to create your art, create your life while you are riding that ever changing, ever shifting Wave of Life!!! Ride that wave and keep on riding that wave and sooner than later you shall begin to Master the Wave!! Yes, I said Master the Wave!!! That's why YOU ARE HERE!!! TO BE THE MASTER!!!! You are the Creator of your life!!! So be an Awesome Artist!!! Yes, I said, "TO BE THE MASTER!!!" You were never meant to be the slave to life or to anyone!! NO you were not!! You are here to Master your life and Be absolutely Awesome!!! You want to know how Awesome you were meant to be? You were meant to be so Awesome, that when you ride the biggest wave of your life, that when you crash, you crash with such Awesomeness, that even your worst enemy respects you and honors you with that look in his or her eyes!! They can't fucking Help it!!! I say, "Be Awesome!!! Stop Holding back!! Let off the brakes and push down the gas peddle of life!" Learn, grow, practice and continue to improve until you do Master that ride!!! And then continue to push the limit and see how far you can go until the very day that you die!!! Live life all the way to the end and all the way to the edge!! All the way, not some of the way!!! All the Way!!! You do this and you will find "LIFE!!!" And trust me, Life lived this way is Awesome!!! See, I know something that you don't know!! I already know how amazing you are! I know how Awesome you are!!! Because you and I are just alike! We are Human!!! Hu Man! The word Hu literally means Breath or Breath of Life!!! So while you have the Breath of Life, you have the Power  of life to make your Dreams come true! So Breath!! Yes, take a Deep Breath and then take another and then take another and that life force that is given to you by God or Nature or whatever power it may be called, you shall begin to learn and grow and improve! All you have to do is 1 thing! That's right, just 1 thing! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! That's it! If you do that 1 thing! Just take 1 step! That's all, just 1 single step and you shall move forward… Sure, sure you might and probably will get knocked on your ass, but that's where you find your strength! That's where you discover and literally create your Determination!!! That is where you will find, develop and nurture your power!!! SO GET UP! GET UP!! GET BACK UP RIGHT NOW!!! And every day keep moving forward and you shall find a Pride, a Power of Love within you that you never knew even existed!!! It's literally right there inside of you, inside every cell of your entire body, just waiting for you to release it's Internal Power from deep within!! So I say, Literally, "EXPLODE INTO LIFE!!!" I was never, ever the biggest or fastest or strongest!! I was always the new guy to the sport! I was always years behind! I didn't even know the rules… I was the smallest and the weakest… hell, my family constantly told me how I was No Good, how I never competed in this new sport and how I was too small  or too weak!!! And You know what??? From the bottom and top of my heart with tears pouring, I hate to say it, but they were right!! They were always right!!! I wasn't big enough! I didn't know how to play this sport! I wasn't strong enough. I simply didn't know how!!! But, at the time I was too stupid to realize I didn't know how! I was too stupid to realize that I was too small, too weak, not talented enough… I was too stupid to know that I wasn't supposed to win the State Championships, to be the captain of a Championship team to win and defeat opponents who were bigger, stronger, faster, smarter who had years of experience over me… I simply didn't realize I wasn't good enough to beat them! Thank God! Thank God that I didn't realize I wasn't good enough, because then I wouldn't have been so successful and win almost 90% of all my competitions…  Thank God!!! So forget about what you don't have  what you are not! Forget that you are not supposed to be able to because of this or that reason!!! FORGE IT!!! SHEER DETERMINATION AND INTERNAL POWER FROM WITHIN I simply wanted it so badly!! I just wanted to win with all my heart and all my soul!! I wanted to be The Best!!! As a Child, I pushed myself to a level of competition that by the time I was a teenager, most around me were simply in Awe!!! As a child, 10, 11, 12 years old, I ran 7 Miles every morning at a furiosly fast pace! I woke up 30 seconds before the alarm went off no matter how tired I was and I did this for years… I would do series of 100, 200 pushups in a row then immediately do 100 crunches, then 200 jumping jacks and more and more and more and more for over an hour working up a sweat that looked like I was in the rain… and then I would start my 7 Mile run!!! And that was all before 6 a.m.. All I could think of was winning that Trophy or that Championship!!! I was always the guy that pushed everyone!!! I simply led by example. Except, I wasn't trying to lead anyone. I wasn't trying to to push anyone! I just wanted to win, do my best and push myself to pure exhaustion!!! All I saw in my minds eye was winning! I just wanted to win!!! That's all I wanted!!! I couldn't hear anything other than how to win, what to do to win!!! All I could see was victory!!! That's all that I could see, hear or feel… After School I would run more… And then I would run to practice. And then run home after an Exhausting Practice!!! All the while going to school, doing my homework at noon, after school, before bed, and doing 4 paper routes; 2 in the morning and to after school… I pushed myself to midnight or beyond and woke up early in the morning before the sun rose! SO FORGET THAT YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH OR BIG ENOUGH!!!  And Remember 1 thing!!! It doesn't matter!!! Because what does matter is 1 thing!!! SHEER DESIRE!!! Yes, that's right! All you need is 1 single thing!!! There are stories after stories after stories of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people achieving unheard of goals that was supposed to be impossible for them to do… I would bet 1 thing. I bet they didn't know they weren't supposed to do that! And you want to know why? Because they are consumed with Achieving their Goals!!! Because they simply didn't know any better! All they could see and hear was success and winning!!! See, turns out it's not talent or skill or size or intelligence or any of that, that determines success! It's 1 thing and 1 thing only!!! Sheer Desire... Now, how do you get that? Desire comes from 1 thing as well… Doing what you truly, sincerely want and Desire!!! That's it!!! That's it!!! There is nothing more to it!!! All you have to do is allow yourself to begin dreaming again. Searching, looking until you find something, anything that inspires you, motivates you and pushes you! Yes, it will push you!!! Maybe it's not a sport, maybe it's not a carrier or a instrument or whatever. Maybe it's overcoming your fears or limitations or freeing yourself from your situation… It doesn't have to be a thing… Maybe it's being a successful artist or making a Million dollars a month! Maybe it's racing in Nascar and winning the championship series… Maybe it's just feeling Awesome and Amazing… Maybe it's proving that you can do it!! Maybe it's being the Best Father or mother or sister or brother you can be, I don't know, only you know!! But I do know that whatever it is, Be AWESOME!!! BE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! It just might be seeing how far you can push yourself and how much better you can become!!! I absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you do those things that you enjoy doing, life becomes amazing and fun again!!! If you have that Desire, then you have all the Keys to Making it Happen! So get up off your ass and Make it Happen, because it's always been up to you!!! HERE IS A VIDEO THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU!! Put on your headphones and play it loud and play it over and over and over.. play it 2 or 3 times every morning when you first wake up!!!
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