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Not Just a Dating and Relationship Course | Energy Healing and Consciousness

When my clients talk my course they begin to realize I am "Not Just a Dating Coach or Relationship Coach!" They also realize I am not a Life coach!

I am much, much more than that! I use to meditate for 4 hours a day and 12 to 16 hours a day on weekends. yes, solid meditation for 12 years before ever taking 1 day off... I have spent decades studying Energy Healing, meditation, consciousness work... And I have studied with Buddhist Monks from Laos!

My clients begin to realize this course is much, much more than Love, Communication and Understanding! This course is a Wholistic course of a Deeper Understanding of what energy truly is and the Ability to access Emotional Healing and Consciousness!

Slowly I am beginning to reveal my Life Long Passion to help the World and heal our Emotions!

Do you want to Truly Awaken? This is what my course is about! Love, Communication and Compassion! Love for you! Love for all... ❣️

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